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Discussion in 'The "X" bodies' started by XmeUP, May 29, 2023.

  1. XmeUP

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    So. I’m firmly set it being the power steering starting to go mixed with the brake booster starting to go. I’ll deal with them once they finally go out.
    I advanced the timing by the distributor and it completely removed a lot of stupid problems I’d been having with idling and start up. I originally had advanced it and loved it but changed it to stock when i was diagnosing multiple issues. looks like i have a bigger cam than stock. The previous owner wasn’t too familiar with what was in the car so i can only assume it does with it needing advanced timing and how the car lights up the tires on a downshift.
    I’m gonna return a bunch of stuff to Home Depot first thing in the AM and then get to work on the brakes. I may re-bleed them just for good measure. It brakes fine but just a lot of brake pedal travel.
  2. Max Damage

    Max Damage I'm working on it!

    I do t remember the brake setup, but make sure the rears (drums?) are properly adjusted…

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