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    Below is the information, Smartin posted on engine bay restore. Does anyone know the brands of the other paints he used? Do you let the color dry before putting on the next?, thanks in advance.

    Hood latch and master cylinder cover are done with a basecoat of exhaust stainless steel spray and coated lightly with a gold anodizing paint from Duplicolor. I then spray a VERY small amount of red paint on top of that (more or less a dusting) so it gets a little color in it. If you look above in a previous post, the gold parts on the bed are done the same way. They look really good in person.
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    They just never look right.
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    I typically don't do this anymore, but on a budget build,......

    I do a really simple trick and it fools most folks who don't mess with this stuff very often. Base of chrome paint (choose your poison, I use rustoleum). Then a very light dusting of the gold metallic paint of the same brand. It gets you by, but there are several guys here on the board that offer plating services at a pretty reasonable cost.
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    Thanks for the info.
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    Eastwoods gold cad kit (minus the red, it was on back order at the time) vs a repro booster bought through summit for $200… I’ve had better luck using off the shelf combos that Adam outlined than Eastwood’s kit. For this one, I wish I went lighter on the base coat if I’m being honest. the booster on the convertible went in the fall, it’s on the shelf as a core and was replaced with the Summit repro.
    IMG_8709.jpeg IMG_2583.jpeg
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    The problem with painting these as opposed to plating is they get fubar if any brake fluid is dripped on them.
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    Gotta run DOT 5 in anything thats "finished"
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