Prayers for peace & comfort for my brother & family.

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    John, I just went through this with my older Brother George. We lost him April 22. He fought a 9 year battle against cancer. As many have already said call him or visit him if he brings up his cancer talk about it with him if not relive your memories, laugh and enjoy the time you have. I drove 22 straight hours towing my car hauler to be with my brother and for me it was the right thing to do. We had some nice visits that I will cherish the rest of my life. I miss the hell out of my brother. Take care you will survive this.

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    I have to agree I lost my brother in 2010 and I didnt say everything I wanted to. You may only have one chance so dont be afraid say everything you want him to know.

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    So sorry for your loss Jim.

    I just wanted to clarify that my brother & I have talked on a regular basis prior to this and those calls are over an hour almost every time because of both of our bouncing all around from topic to topic because we both have pretty extreme (lol) attention deficit .
    Since our Dad (R.I.P. 18 years ago) came from a very strict German family,Dad was never verbally capable of saying those 3 big words of “ I love you”. We of course knew he did but as a result our children hear that EVERYTIME they walk out the door or we end a phone call.
    The first time I told my brother I loved him decades ago, along with a big bear hug he was literally speechless, but it has become a habit at the end of any calls or visits the last several years.
    The family business was a very caustic working environment and countless very hateful things occurred over the many years God blessed us with the ability to feed both our families while they were young a majority of the time.
    Don’t want to go down that horrible rabbit hole here but my brother & I have discussed it over the years, since the passing of his wife & he and I have mostly been at peace over it and drawn a line between past events versus being brothers and I thank God for that.
    We have gone back to the old days of discussing songs for “the perfect cd’s” he has always had a passion for to the many many funny things we experienced together. I really don’t want to know what life will be like without my one brother I could laugh together with like he and I did even in the most difficult times but as said “that is in Gods hands now” and one day I will understand it all.
    His girlfriend,Hope has definitely been a HUGE blessing in helping my brother with all the day to day demands (her previous husband died of cancer & she and Tommy met in a grieving group).
    She knows the ropes on the cancer trials and she is a wonderful,caring person all of us are blessed to know although this cannot be easy on her going down the same path.
    My brother and I do not live close & other than my wife’s car I don’t have my own dependable car (why I rode with son to GS Nats.What a great son too : ) but when I heard today she (herself being disabled as I also am) is having trouble getting my brother in the car & back out at home I will be coordinating with her to help and hopefully give her some times to catch her breath as this progresses short of a miracle.
    Our Mom is 97 (still lives alone in the house we grew up in) but lives much closer so hopefully my truck will hold together to visit with her too,get groceries, get trash to the curb & fix things I can around the house. Our one sister lives in Georgia looks like Hope & I will have to do for now.
    I always thought I would die before my brother (& Mom for that matter) with all my stuff but guess that is why God has kept me around?
    Just going to have to dig for more reserves so if needed I can get my loved ones across the finish line in this life.
    Deep breaths.....deep breaths.....please help us Lord.
    Okay,got to try and go to sleep,lots to do.
    Thank y’all again for your prayers and helping bear some of this burden.

    God bless you.

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    G'nite, John Boy.
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    I lost my Mom to Lung Cancer. If you don't mind some advice, don't put off those phone calls. You will treasure them for the rest of your days. All of my thoughts and prayers to your brother and family, and yourself and family as well. Cancer affects the whole family. God Bless


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    Thank you Chuck, I was only putting off the initial phone call after the shock of the diagnosis.
    He and I were talking prior and will continue to talk as long as we have.
    Sorry for the loss of your Mom and Thank You for your prayers.

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    Sorry to hear about your brother. Cancer is a very hard thing to deal with as you well know.
    Your friend.
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