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    bought a 72 riv,455 all power..
    wiring from firewall forward to engine and acc had been chewed on by mice.
    my another harness from a 73 riv,they look very very close with the exception of a few things like the hei wire instead of the point on the 72....
    can anyone tell me if they are correct for a interchange or what to look for.
    or better yet is there a full aftermarket harness made for these cars anywhere? id rather buy all new repop..or if anyone has a very nice stock 72 harness they want to sell.
    thanks for any info.
  2. 1973gs

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    Maybe somebody modified the 1973 harness for HEI. 73 should still be points.
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  3. Tomahawk

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  4. Daves72

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    I bought an engine harness for my 72 Riv from M&H also. I think they build them when you order.
  5. LARRY70GS

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  6. Tomahawk

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    They build to order. I asked them to use a normal wire instead of a resistance wire and integrate the wiring/connector for a 12SI alternator.

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