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    Flat out Rob's work is awesome! His craftsmanship is so impeccable. A few years ago I bought one of his water necks and was blown away with how nice it was. I seen a post by another member asking about custom pullies and Rob mentioned they were his work. I liked what I seen and contacted Rob directly to discuss him making a complete set for my new engine. We went back and forth a few times verifying dimensions since the set up is for my 69Riv and it's different than the A body cars. The whole process and transaction was great, Rob is very easy to work with and I would not hesitate one second to have him make me more parts. If you'd like to see what the complete set looks like go to my thread "Black Cherry Buick Build" in the street/strip section. Thanks again Rob!
    Cheers, Bob
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    I had Rob Make these:

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    OMG I got a full billet boner right now:cool::cool:!! Dare I ask what those set you back?
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