The walk around.

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    Pulled the GN out a few days ago, she's been running strong and smooth. Wife needed to run to the store and had a touch too much vintage grape juice. She asked me if I could drive.


    As we enter the garage I said "this one" pointing to the GN. Fire up the car and let sit about 30 seconds and pull out.

    Car had one weird hiccup as we mildly accelerate, something to run down later and a motivation for a longer drive. ;)


    We make it to the store, grab what we needed. Fill up the tank in the adjacent station and leave. I watch the cart boy stare out into the void....the next generation is lost... not so much as an acknowledgement of the car that drove by him in a basically empty parking lot on Sunday evening. He's probably high.

    Making to the first stop light, get the thumbs up from a left hand turning driver. Never mind my car needs a paint job dusk it looks amazing, shiny and mean. :confused:

    Not wanting to go home, wanting to see if the hiccup was anomalous, I stab the throttle once the car is pointed straight after our left hand turn. Strong pull, but alcohol is acting up.

    "..ah ha!"

    Wife is silent....

    I asked if she wanted to take the long way home.


    "Ok, sweet."

    We do a 4 mile scenic loop, just amazing temps as nature is in full Spring Mode.

    Get to second to last leg making a right turn and we see nothing but deep black smoke ahead of us.

    WTH? I thought something serious happened. Nope. As we finally clear the black cloud we see the latest dorkus in a brand new lifted GMC Diesel. Every time, every time, every time! I drive the GN there is always a coal rolling Diesel around. Never with my other classics.
    This guy by far is the worse offender I have seen. Over a block's worth of thick smoke across 4 lanes....that is ridiculous.
    I have a tuned diesel, but to each his own when you need to get on it to get out in traffic or non existent traffic in this case. But never have I ever seen so much black smoke short of actual diesel drag trucks on the track.

    He's turning right and we need to turn right and we are behind him at the light.....

    Yeah. :rolleyes:

    Im not having any part of what might happen.

    Light turns, I am right behind him and he is trying to get on it.

    We peg 20# of boost, the Mickythompson grabbing ass(fualt) we walk around this fool just as the first hint of blackness puffs. I technically still had the car in the right turn taking it wide, but just as the power hit, the car snapped straight in perfect timing. We carved the lane with the Beast fully unleashed as we reached his door. :D

    Walk is a little too slow of a comparison. We blew past him like he forgot to use the accelerator pedal.

    We pop to the right lane prepping for our right hand turn with the gap-tacular display behind us and the ominous black cloud for other drivers to enjoy.

    My wife asked who I was trying to impress in full drag race mode. I said myself.

    We had the final right hand turn coming up and I have no intention of driving through a pretend oil fire courtesy of dorkus.

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  2. Chuck Bridges

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    We have the same Dorks here in Canada. My younger brother can be one with his Lifted Dodge 1 ton.
  3. alvareracing

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    these are the idiots that give us diesel guys a bad name. Burning excess fuel, and creating a bunch of excessive egt's. I love racing those idots with my Dmax as I walk right by them with a clean no smoke EFI tune.
  4. Mark Demko

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    I don’t understand what “rolling coal” proves?
    We had a 20 y/o at work here with an early Dodge w/Cummins, I asked “Nate, why you have a diesel?”
    “I like the way it sounds”:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

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