Trico 33-162 Wipers at Rock Auto

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  1. pbr400

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    These are correct (except for the most minute details) for ‘68-72 A bodies. They’ve been ‘on again/off again’ in their availability. What’s really weird is that they don’t come up in the catalog search (except for ‘68 Grand Prix) but the old Trico paper catalogs list them. Some of our other cars take an 18” blade, it’s 33-183 and it looks like they stock them, too (Also not by application). Good price on them!
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  2. 1968_GS400

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    I bought the 33-183 from Summit because it’s what came up when searching for the 1968 Buick GS 400. It’s also what comes up on Trico’s website, but they are too long for my convertible.

    So you are saying some take 18” and some take 16”?

    Are the Trico 33-162 model what came on the car originally or were they a different brand?

    Are these correct for the 1968?
  3. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    I don’t know where in the history of parts that the 18” info came from, but it’s wrong and it’s common. All A bodies from ‘68-72 use the same 16” wiper blade. In fact, the glass is interchangeable, other than details like antenna and tint, as long as you seperate by body style. Converts are different from coupes but I think sedans and wagons are the same as coupes. Regardless, those wipers are right, and 16” is right. If you click on the link it appears RA still has them, but the current version looks like silver paint instead of stainless (I bought a pair a year or so ago).
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    Summit, Rock Auto, and the Trico website all currently say the 1968 Buick GS-400 takes the 18” 33-183. Luckily Summit let’s you return.

    I just ordered the 33-162 from Rock Auto for $10.53, much cheaper than other places.

    I contacted this guy, and he says these are older style 33-162 and supposedly more correct but I don’t really know. He’s willing to negotiate price if you buy more than 1. He currently has 5. I was tempted but 2 for $95 vs $20 from Rock Auto wasn’t worth it.
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    You have to draw the line someplace. The new tricos are fine. Plus fresh rubber. I've actually gotten caught in the rain a few times with my GS.
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    I would not waste your time with the Trico classics. Complete fucking garbage. Cheesy silver paint and really crappy greyish plastic piece to attach to wiper arm. I very much regret paying way too much for this trash. I bought them for my wife's 67' Skylark as we just bought the car and it has black plastic wipers that look terrible. The OEM style ones pictured here are on my 66' I was wanting something that looked similar. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for something like them. I just keep putting rubber refills in mine.

    These are the crappy Trico Classics. Super disappointed in them $36 each and the seller won't accept returns.


    I plan to purchase something like these next.
    Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 6.58.09 PM.png
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  8. buick64203

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    Those are the trico classic series. And yes, they do give you a plastic piece to attach thrm to the bayonet style early arms. Fortunately, the 68-72s don't use the plastic adapter.
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  9. 1968_GS400

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    Aren’t those the same Trico 33-162’s available at Rock Auto for $10 each?
  10. 1968_GS400

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    I bought the Trico 33-162 and I agree they aren’t great. I had to buy 3 of them because I broke one putting it on. It has this little pin at the end holding the whole thing together and it breaks super easy. I don’t think these will last. Now I know why there were different ones on the car when I got it.
  11. FLGS400

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    I believe that they are. By the time you order 2 of them from RA, with the shipping charges, it worked out pretty close to the same. When I can, I try to support the vendors and businesses that contribute here. Every time I have purchased something from Todd, I have been very satisfied with the parts and the transaction. So, I don't hesitate to purchase anything from him.
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    That makes sense. I paid $34.07 from Rock Auto for 2 with shipping.
  13. Mark Demko

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    I’d just do the refills
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    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    I would try these if you are not happy with the Trico wiper appearance. They are not 100% exactly like original but at least they won't have the plastic adapter for the early cars. This is from the Ames Performance GTO catalog (well respected Pontiac supplier)

    They do offer correct refills (not cheap at $42/pr) if you still have your original metal blades.


    Another option from Ground Up ( ) that are not priced much more than the current Tricos:
    upload_2022-9-21_8-10-14.png upload_2022-9-21_8-10-48.png
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  15. Mark Demko

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    Saw these on e bay
    F9C96ED7-52E5-42F3-B129-902CE6266FF2.png E7BCB6A8-0806-400E-902E-0A4157EAFAEF.png
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