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Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by electraboat, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Amen, brudda! And furthermore, the engineers designed that same car to be cool in Florida during the summer, when it was 95% humidity and 95[FONT=Times New Roman, serif] [/FONT]F while sitting in traffic, with 6 "beached whales" in the car. Or, in the mild California sun, like where I live, where it can be 107[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][/FONT] F in the shade. Even if it is a dry heat, that is painful.

    BTW Marty, the thermostat is fine, if the car doesn't overheat under any other conditions and warms up on schedule.
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    WHATS THIS! i was checking my gauges as i always do and decided to sit in the car in the garage,door open of course, and fire it up and watch the temp gauge gothru its motions. i had just changed the rad cap to a fresh stant 16 lb er. well after about 8 mnutes the temp hit 185 and lo and behold the stat opened......what happened next surprised me. the temp dropped as it should to about 170 and began its cllimb to the normal 185 or 190. this time and ive seen it twice ,the temp upon going down to 170 therm open and climbing to 185 and dropping to 170 (((again)))) bbefore rising to 190 for good. WHAT THE H IS THIS?? bad stat???
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    ok , my a/c works great now but as i said afte 15 minutes of idle a/c on im at 235 degrees and going up. now ive begun to notice that a/c off i go to 230 in about 20 minutes idle and still going, that is new. radiator works fine. clutch and fan fine, thermostat and cap new. thru listening to you guys im down to electric fans or hi flo water pump. ive decided i like the technology of the pump better as theyd both cost me about the same installed. who likes FloKooler and who like TA 6 blade new pump,thanks,marty

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