New Garage Comments

  1. Michael_G
    One badass wagon! What does she do in the 1/8th or 1/4 mile? :D -MIG
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  2. RoseBud68
    Oh man....Getting groceries would be a blast....
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  3. FLGS400
  4. Harley Biggers
    sfish, Great photos, I have always wanted a 70's Buick 'Lark or GS. Either would be fine as if it didn't already I would build a 455 for it. Beautiful color too. Not sure if that shade of red is a factory color or not but either way its not...
  5. Michael_G
    She looks solid and well taken care of. I see she even has redline tires. Is she original? Any restoration work? Awesome that she's decked out with all those options... -MIG