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It was pulled out of a 71 Buick. 350$
Basket Case Stage 1 - Currently has a 68 430, has original 4 speed.
300ci with aluminum intake and 4 brl. 1987 Olds 4 speed automatic.


67 Buick wildcat 430. 46 dodge truck cab. Rough but ready to get started.
My 10 year and ongoing project ,she gets her name "HOR" bcs the color is High octane red and of its price :) in ppg epoxy primer ,Primer fill ....seal coat and then High Octane red a 2016 a challenger/charger color lots of work but highly satisfied
i have a set of 430 heads from a wildcat and i was wondering if it fit my 72 buick electria 225 455..thanks
Totally fake yet enjoyable reverse restoration of what I wish I had as a wee lad.Current plan is to drive anywhere I damn well please,burn rubber & repeat OFTEN! Best 60' time to date 48 minutes with family and pets push/pulling.
Purchased this car a few months ago from a lead of a board member. Learning the ins & outs of Buicks always build Fords . This is a fun & slow process.
Stage 1 / Auto / 61K / Green vinyl top / White interior
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Stage 1 / 4 speed (1 of 101 built)
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The "Rusty Hulk", 1972 Skylark frame off restored, converted to a BBB/4-speed
3 years in the resto mod so far, 462 BBB stage 1 iron, Built 4l80e transmission, 71n 8.5 10 posi rearend 3.42 geqar