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My current project, moving along slow
Getting it torn down and starting to cut out all the frame rot. I'll post up the progress as it comes in. Got the stock rear axle modded up with the wilwood dynapro calipers and rotors Got the Edelbrock heads and intake snugged down today. The CVF serpentine system is also all buttoned up. I had to grind down a cheap 19mm socket to tighten down the head studs from ARP. The provision that's milled on the far ends of the heads (4 in total) wouldn't take a thin-walled 3/4 inch socket....
Drivers side door jamb section
Took it apart to repair some serious rust. It's starting to go back together.
1969 Buick Skylark Custom swap from 350 to 455.
430 torn apart hadn’t to clean it all. The clblick is good I cud not even hear that bent rod while it was running but I got it out and I checked the lifters still good shape all of them
My 1970 “race car” skylark
my first car and where my love of buicks came from,affectionantly called the beast by a couple of friends who were honda and volkwagon enthusiust.
1969 Buick Skylark Base Purchased on 11/13/18 in Collinsville, Tx with my brother Chris Taylor from 5th owner who had owned for 24 years and car had never run during that time. Bought to get it running and leave as patina. Changed out original 350-2 engine with 2 speed turbo transmission with Shane Butler due to rust in block with a 69 350-4 RP engine & 350 Turbo Transmission. Ray Engine had to bore 2nd engine .30 over with new pistons, rings, push rods, lifters with a TA Performance...
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Don't let this old beater fool you. This is a daily driven Buick powered rat rod that I use for commuting, working, and towing.
Been a while sinc my last post. I now have the lift installed and the GS scattered. Went with a Danmar ACX10. It's great. Fabbed a rotisserie for $250 using mostly pack rat material. It works great too. Will be taking the frame for rust dipping and will have the body media blasted. I will complete the chassis before touching the body. If I do this right I will also post photos. Long road ahead.
Big block buick swap into 79 Corvette