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Series 4637 2-dr hardtop. Originally 401 / TwinTurbine Dynaflow/ TorqueTube/ Buick 3.23 axle. On it's way to being a 455 T/A Stage II / TH400 / Dana 60 3.73.
1967 Skylark progressing
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1972 Sportwagon found thru
Customer wanted me to tow to the crusher. I gave him scrap weight price and decided to restore. Only had 30k miles. Hadn't ran on 8 years. I found the rotor button out 180 degrees. Turn button and started right up.
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Hey guys, I decided to make some modification to my instrument cluster. I wasn't a big fan of the 3 big gauges in the square boxes since i got the car, so I decided to make it a cleaner, tougher look, delete the lighter and add gauges. It was a lot of work but I'm pretty happy how it came out with the tools i had available to me.
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Winter build
I am doing a LS Swap and have tons of original parts we are open to selling.
Numbers matching and still runs. Only 53k original miles
My son and I are doing a LS Swap don't need the original engine and upgraded tranny, need money for Swap parts ;o)
Basket Case Stage 1 - Currently has a 68 430, has original 4 speed.
300ci with aluminum intake and 4 brl. 1987 Olds 4 speed automatic.


67 Buick wildcat 430. 46 dodge truck cab. Rough but ready to get started.
My 10 year and ongoing project ,she gets her name "HOR" bcs the color is High octane red and of its price :) in ppg epoxy primer ,Primer fill ....seal coat and then High Octane red a 2016 a challenger/charger color lots of work but highly satisfied