14" Super Sport Wheels 1971-1972 - See photo

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    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    Looking for 14" Super Sport wheels that were used on Buick A-bodies in 1971-1972 as option V7. I'd prefer a set of the 14" x 7" but would consider the 14" x 6". I will also consider single wheels and try to piece together a set.

    If someone has any trim rings, I'd be interested as well.

    Picking them up at the GS Nats in May 2020 would be ideal.


  2. wheelz

    wheelz 'B' is for Buick.

    Hi Gary! I have a set of 5 SS wheels, 14x6, a couple trim rings and NOS silver centercaps,, all bury'd DEEP IN MY STORAGE. . ....however, I PROMISED another member he has first right...so when I finally get to them, I will keep you posted of his decision.

    Stay Tuned!

    Wheelz, Tampa Bay
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  3. Duane

    Duane Member

    If memory serves me correct the 7" wheels were available only in 72, and they did not make many of them.
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  4. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    Duane, Thats what I also understand. I have pulled a few sets from 71 cars and they have all been 6" wide ones. I have never found a original set on a 1972 car. I also will go as far to say I have NEVER found or seen a 7" wide one.

    If you find a set look up on here there are some links by I believe V8Sky that he had a set redone and made them 15x7 and 15x8. I really thought they looked cool and are very different.
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    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    Thanks is correct. The wheels were not very popular and did not make a full year of production in '72.

    Yes, I remember wheels by V8Sky as well as the set Tom Miller also had modified in a similar fashion. I agree that both were very subtle and very cool. I'd like to do something similar since nice beauty rings are difficult to find and tire selection is limited with 14s too.
  6. Duane

    Duane Member

    I also have never seen a 7" wheel, but have in my notes from my "14" Wheel Article", that they were available.
  7. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    Maybe on a wagon?
  8. DT_ski

    DT_ski Member

    Does anyone have any pics of these rims on a car that were modified to 15x7?? I have 4 - 14 x 6" that i may want to do this to as well but have never seen what the final product would look like / who or how to do this and cost? My gut is telling me they would be really cool?
  9. 71gs3504sp

    71gs3504sp Well-Known Member

    June-20-2014 004.JPG

    I have them on my 71 GS350 4 speed car. They were not original on my built sheet but just wanted something different.
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  10. Duane

    Duane Member

    The biggest problem with making them into 15 inch rims would be trying to find trim rings that would fit. You might have to work with the wheel manufacturer to get them to fit trim rings and then deal with the back spacing that you end up with.
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    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    The wheels look great on your car!

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    Actually Duane trim rings are not a problem at all when converting these to 15” wheels. :) Here are photos posted by Tom Miller that show what I mean. His car is what gave me the inspiration to get some for one of my modified ‘72s.

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  13. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    Gary, I had forgotten that Tom Miller had them done. They look really good and I like the gray center on them.
  14. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    Here is the ones I think V8Sky did for his car

    FullSizeRender-1.jpeg IMG_0705.JPG FullSizeRender-2.jpeg
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  15. MRP

    MRP Well-Known Member

    I lost my job, my girlfriend, and received a lifetime ban from my local NAPA, because of my infatuation over the PA6 SS Wheel option. My boss got tired of hearing about the rarity, my girlfriend lost her mind when I started making her sleep with an SS wheel mounted on a Wide Oval tire between us, and when I flamed the owner of NAPA and kicked over his Chase Elliott promo cutout for him repeatedly telling me there is no paint code 341a Argent Gray, lets just say you all need to stay as far away from the "SS wheel" as you can, and admin could you please take down this entire post, my therapist and I were starting to make some real progress before BUQUICK came along.
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  16. wheelz

    wheelz 'B' is for Buick.

    ANOTHER THOUGHT: ...I believe I also have a set of 14x7 steel wheels from some GM 60's car...(Chevelle wagon maybe?) Im sure Steve Caruso could lathe-cut out the SS centers and weld them onto the steel 14x7" rims. . . or heck, weld the SS centers onto 15x8" steel rims, paint or powder coat in Argent Silver and use 15" Corvette trim rings to finish them off for a more original look.

    IMHO, and no offence to anyone who has done it, they DO look nice, however, chrome rims on SS painted wheelz just doesnt tickle my fancy...trim rings appear more correct on SS wheel. . and again, thats just my .02cw.

    Wheelz, Tampa Bay
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  17. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    Mike your nuts lol :D:D:D

    Dennis, Sadly Steve is no longer doing any kind of wheels. He posted over a year or so ago about not doing it anymore. He was awesome and he does incredible work but now we need to find someone else to do work like this.
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  18. DT_ski

    DT_ski Member

    Does anyone know how much Steve Caruso charged to do this ? 15" chevy rally wheels are remanufactured can you just buy the outer hoop? Maybe a pontiac 15" rally wheel would work be easier to find and modify??
  19. Redmanf1

    Redmanf1 Gold Level Contributor

    Steve cannot get the rims any longer and that is why he is not making them.

  20. wheelz

    wheelz 'B' is for Buick.

    Ya'll know these are getting about as difficult to find as WG wheels . . . just say'n!

    WHEELS: (5) SS wheels, 14x6. 4 are usable, one has severe scaly rust and obvious run with a flat tire syndrome, which, very possible tire wouldnt seal... These wheels are not imperfect, they have been sitting for many years. AND a "Rodent family" built homes twixt all 5 wheels while on a low, almost ground level shelf deep in back of storage. Rodent pee is a natural toxic etch, so there is light flakey rust and I suggest these wheels to be media blasted, primered and painted OR BETTER YET, soda blasted and powder coated to be real nice.
    Set of 5 wheels ONLY as shown: $425

    NOT SURE I want to bust up the package, so here's the deal for now:

    these are nice but will require some tlc to be show! $75 SET OF (4) if you buy the wheels.

    CENTER CAPS: I have NOS silver center caps for $195 (4) in GM boxes if you buy the wheels.
    I also have (4) decent used center SILVER caps or (4) BLACK 72 style center caps at $50 set IF you buy the wheels.

    I PREFER pickup in Tampa bay area - while your "great white northern friends" are visiting us here on the Sunny West Coast of Florida, they can take them back with them..OR YOU come and gettum! Either way, lemono if you are interested!!!

    Wheelz, Tampa Bay

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