1955 Buick Roadmaster

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    It's gorgeous, but that's not an original interior. You can see where they taped off "FAN" and "Wiper", that's the original colour, and the speaker grilles were just too white. As for the rest, it looks like a quality job; I'm sure the interior pattern is close, but not quite the same as what came off the factory floor. There's something wrong about the pattern, and I just can't put my finger on it...I don't think they ever used chrome strips on a sedan headliner, but it sure looks nice here.
    So either the seller doesn't know and was sold a bill of goods when he bought it, or he's trying to pull a fast one. The price point is at the high end for a sedan, but I wouldn't argue too much because this thing looks nice. A test drive and a visit to a hoist will reveal all though. Bring a magnet...
    Otherwise, it's a lovely cruiser.
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    The cloth pattern is missing as are the chrome strips on the dash. That being said, Still a lot of Roadmaster for $15,000. Or, you can spend 4 times that for the one below that you can't leave or park anywhere.
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    Looks to be gone.

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