1961 Invicta convert - $8k

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    1961 Buick Invicta - $8000 (Bakersfield)
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    1961 buick invicta

    condition: fair
    cylinders: 8 cylinders
    drive: rwd
    fuel: gas
    paint color: red
    size: full-size
    title status: clean
    transmission: automatic
    type: convertible

    $8,000 + shipping

    (CA zipcode 93308)


    Hello Everyone.

    This car has a SB Chevy 283 and TH350 Transmission and disc brakes up front.

    Cylinder 3 has zero compression.

    I owe the bank $8,000

    The top works but has a hydraulic fluid leak in the pump so we have to fill it up.

    It looks nice and we enjoyed it for years but we no longer have a garage or a place to work on her. So, I'm willing to sale for what we owe on her. The body isn't perfect but it's not a show car but it does look good and the floor was replaced before I owned it. It's a blast to drive and grabs a lot of attention even though it's not a perfect specimen. So if you'd like to rebuild the 283 or drop another engine in, it's a great car. Honestly, it could be a blown head gasket. I just got it running a week ago after sitting for a couple of years and while adjusting the distributor it stopped running and I couldn't start it again. Checking for top dead center on cylinder 1, I decided to check for compression on others when I found cylinder 3 didn't have any compression when turning over. That's as far as I've gone.

    The interior is in great shape with white seats. Door panels are faded a bit by the window so it looks slightly orange.

    Cool Car.
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    Hmm.. Gangsters, and super agent "fast fucker".. Who knows what kind of bad craftmanship that has gone into this car.. Too bad the 61 looks better with the roof..
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  3. sriley531

    sriley531 Buckle up, this could get rough....

    I agree. Me thinks the wheels, a leaky top, and a 7 cylinder sbc arent all the downsides of this one.
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  4. 1972Mach1

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    I'm so confused by the pictures. Is the insurance salesman also a "gangsta"? Does the kid in the yellow hat have some strange footwear habit and also like to put his feet on the dash while riding shotgun? Is it idling with the wine bottle balancing on the back of the seat to show you how smooth it is despite only running on 7 cylinders?
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    The "Super Agent" is the top dawg, he's the man pulling the strings from behind the curtain..

    Lucas, do you think Mr. Yellow cap aka. "Slick Bandit" has more feminine calf's than Mr. Black cap aka. "Buff Beard"?

    The wine has nothing to do with the car, it's just a party popper celebration for each succesfull job the cap'ed gangsters do..

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