1964 buick wildcat REWIRE HELP?

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  1. Hi there everyone Im Andy, I own a 1964 Buick wildcat, 4 door hardtop with the original Nailhead V8 7.0 litre. I recently replaced the condenser on the voltage regulator, and bought a new front harness for the beast but it came off of a 2 door hardtop with no air conditioner, and the wires going to the ignition coil and voltage regulator connector are in an odd position, and are completely different from the old harness i had, which had burned up Im assuming because of the condenser on the regulator or the regulator itself, how can I test this regulator, and how would I be able to rewire this harness to fit? and if anyone here has a 2 door hardtop wildcat, would you be able to help me understand exactly how that ignition sytem is set up? and/or can someone give me advice on how to rewire this the right way. are there alternative options for a complete rewire of the entire vehicle and fusebox? advice please it will be much appreciated. the beast belonged to my uncle, who is now passed and i want to restore this car the right way. thanks for the help guys!
  2. Andy, don't know if you are tracking this thread, but do you know if the harness came off another Wildcat? LeSabres had the coil and distributor at the front of the engine, which would result in a different harness.

    As far as testing the regulator, I'd just buy a new one to swap in and then have as a spare. I run a solid-state that does a better job than original, and if I recall was only around $15.

    I've got the full wiring diagram posted here: http://www.1964buick.com/schematics/schematics.htm

    I'd highly recommend getting a factory service manual- they are invaluable.

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