1965+ vs 1964- wagon frames

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  1. Donuts & Peelouts

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    In 1965 I BELIEVE the wagons changed frames. What improvement were made, are they interchangeable?
    Is one safer compared to the other?
  2. Wayne Stevens

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    To the best of my knowledge, 1964 brought the introduction of the next generation of a-body wagons. Frames remained the same through 1967. Sportwagons rode on longer frames. Full size wagons were discontinued after 1964, hence there were no full size '65-'69 wagons.
  3. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    64 and 65 Sport Wagons have a boxed frame, longer wheelbase than the Special which is same length as the sedans, not boxed.
    64,5,6,7 should be similar. The big 63, 64 wagons were on the X frame. I was thinking the earlier A body were unit bodies but I have not studied them at all.
  4. superbuickguy

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    small (skylark) adding to what you said. 61-63 were unibody cars with no frame. 64 has its own, shorter upper control arms, 65-72 are interchangeable and everything but that upper arm is interchangeable on the 64. The bushings on the lower, front arms are different - so beware if you're just doing new bushings - however, the bolt size, and bushing dimension allows interchange with the later stuff....
    66 the track width is 1/2" wider (flange to flange) but all of the arms and such, including the rear axle, bolt in from 64-72.
    Steering boxes, I bolted a GNX steering box into my 64 - which adds a whole nother level of mods.

    big cars were X frame as you said (Invicta size)

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