1967 Buick Parts-Engine & Other Stuff Part 1

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by 67skylark27, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. 67skylark27

    67skylark27 Brett Jaloszynski

    20180120_145515.jpg 20180120_145318.jpg 20180120_145056.jpg 20180120_145016.jpg 20180120_145012.jpg 20180120_144820.jpg 20180120_144250.jpg 20180120_143841.jpg 20180120_143821.jpg

    I've pulled down all the parts from the attic and am ready to part ways with it all!
    I'll update with a list and prices as I go. In
    the mean time pics are loading...

    GS small fan shroud - $45.00

    Radiator cover - $15.00

    300 or 340 exhaust manifolds - Sold

    Harmonic balancer is listed in my other posts.

    300 or 340 motor mounts - $40.00 for the pair nice shape.

    Front bumper - Sold

    ****I'm keeping the rear bumper for now.

    Bumper brackets - $20 bucks a set.

    Cowl piece - in really good shape - $50 bucks

    Parts grill - use to rebuild another, center stainless is nice - Sold

    Pulleys,Brackets,backup lenses (only one is nice
    and clear), window cranks?I think - $10 bucks each or offer.

    Light lens is in really good shape - $40.00

    Tail lights are just okay - $10 for all pieces, lens separate.

    Arm rests - Sold

    Jack - Sold

    Air Cleaner - 300 or 340 2 bbl - $45.00

    Trunk corner with molding - Sold

    Please feel free to bundle - I will ship in the lower 48 preferably
    at whatever it actually costs based on zip code and weight.

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  2. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    In line for both bumpers, L/R quarter extension molding pending more info.
    PM coming
  3. 197064buickspec

    197064buickspec 1964 Special Post-455

    Interested in the :

    Jack and the 2 arm rest bases if not cracked or broken.

    How much for the pulleys and the aluminum alternator bracket?


    Shipping to 60586.
  4. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    In line for the taillights if you can get a better picture of the chrome housings. How pitted are they?
  5. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    I'm out on the bumpers. Cant pick up.
  6. 67skylark27

    67skylark27 Brett Jaloszynski

    They are pitted, to be really nice they will need to be rechromed.
  7. 67skylark27

    67skylark27 Brett Jaloszynski

    I will look them over closely for cracks and figure out shipping. Figure ten bucks for the pulley, ten bucks for the bracket.
  8. mrolds69

    mrolds69 "The Cure"

    Next inline for the tail lights and radio knobs.
  9. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    Yeah I kind of assumed they were pitted. Most are except the ones that have already been re-chromed. I was just trying to figure out if they were worse than what I already have. For $10 I will roll the dice. Please let me know how much to ship to 55082. If you have time for a close-up photo of the chrome housings, I would appreciate it.

  10. Maintool-GS

    Maintool-GS Well-Known Member

    Interested in Jack & Armrests.
  11. 67skylark27

    67skylark27 Brett Jaloszynski

    I'll work on that tonight for you.
  12. 67skylark27

    67skylark27 Brett Jaloszynski

    Are you still interested in the 1/4 molding trunk corner?
  13. 197064buickspec

    197064buickspec 1964 Special Post-455

    Let me know Thanks.
  14. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Yes, close up pics please.
  15. 67skylark27

    67skylark27 Brett Jaloszynski

    No cracks, I have three shown do you want all three?
  16. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    PM sent

  17. 197064buickspec

    197064buickspec 1964 Special Post-455

    The 2 bases without the pad.

    Along with the jack, pulley, aluminum alternator bracket as priorly discussed.

  18. 67skylark27

    67skylark27 Brett Jaloszynski

    I have them boxed up now, so I'll check on shipping. I have three pulleys,
    do you want them all?
  19. mrolds69

    mrolds69 "The Cure"

    Brett, I'm still inline for the radio knobs + HL rings and buckets they attach to + SH. Shoot me a PM with the cost please. Thanks!
  20. 67skylark27

    67skylark27 Brett Jaloszynski

    I missed that one! I'll box them up tonight and figure out a shipping amount.

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