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    need help with the last row not sure what those numbers mean. top part i got

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    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    There’s been some discussion about Fremont tag codes on the past and unfortunately those will not reveal anything about the options on the car.

    Here is the best information I’ve found about the bottom row of the ‘67 Fremont:

    “Manifest Number

    These numbers are really two different numbers. The left-most number is the order number from the originating dealer. The right-most number has been found in two formats, a 2-digit number followed by a space then a 3-digit number up through mid-December and a single 6-digit number afterwards. The exact meaning of this number is not known but it is found on the Fremont Body Broadcast Sheet and Trim Broadcast Sheets. It is of no significance today unless Fremont paperwork is found with the car. Even then it will only establish that the build sheet found matches this car.”

    Here is a good Oldsmobile page that details the ‘65 Fremont tags:
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    thanks GARY. just trying to help a friend out with a 67 skylark conv
    the body number is 00246 seems low for a car built in the 4th week of jan.
    seem right to you? i would think they made more by then
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    The body number is based on how may style 44467 were built at Fremont not the total production like at some other plants. Attached picture shows by 02C they were only up to body number 267 for style number 44467 at Fremont, so I think your body number makes sense.

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    2nd that with Fremont cars having low numbers.

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    After looking at the production figures by assembly plant, I also think the number falls right in line with what would be expected:

    There were 6,319 model 4467 cars built across the four assembly plants:
    3,654 at Flint
    449 at Fremont
    1,551 at Baltimore
    665 at Kansas City

    So when we consider that this car was built the 4th week of January (kinda near the middle of the production year) and was the 246th of model 4467 built at Fremont (which is also kinda near the middle of the total run of 449 cars built there) that seems to be about right.

    Interior code 163 Saddle vinyl bench with fold-down armrest:
    Of the 3,654 model 4467 built, there were 542 with this interior
    287 at Flint
    51 at Fremont
    118 at Baltimore
    86 at Kansas City

    Other info:

    G = Gold Mist paint was the most popular color used by Buick in 1967 with 12.0% of the cars painted that color (that's for the entire line of Buicks, excluding Riviera).

    Of the 449 model 4467 cars built at Fremont, this is how the convertible top colors break down:
    199 white
    202 black
    31 blue top
    17 ivory
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