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    I have a 69 225 4dr sedan my family bought it new in 69, it was well maintained but now is rough in the sense it sat outside behind the barn for 30 years and mother nature took its toll on the top now the interior and floor boards are shot. It has 92K miles, I'm going to keep the 430 other than that I'd like to offer it to someone in need of parts but the entire car goes with it. Located in Brighton, Michigan 48114 if you want it, it's yours for free. I want to get rid of it ASAP otherwise I'll be forced to haul it to the salvage yard. The major good part are the front bumper, grill, glass, trim pieces, trans, suspension, tail lights. I will post more pictures. Posted 10/15/17
    Thanks Dan

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    Dan if your willing to remove and ship , How much for the trunk lid key lock emblem , the Electra 225 trunk lid emblem , the Electra 225 emblems from the quarter panels and the tail lights ?? Shipped to 19050 ? Thanks.

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