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Discussion in 'The Bench' started by oldsoul324, Oct 22, 2016.

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    Hey guys I was just wondering see I've got a 1970 lesabre 4dr 455 I'm trying to turn into like a poor mans hot rod the problem is the open 2.73 rear end. Now I know they don't make repro gear sets and finding posi carriers and gears is next to impossible and also costs an arm and a leg so here's what I'm thinking since the 1970 lesabre 350 and I'm sure some of the other big body 350 combos came with an 8.2 just with longer axel tubes wouldn't any 8.2 or skylark rear end be a direct bolt in swap all you would have to do is buy the longer axel tubes? So in essence I could just get whatever sweet skylark posi lsd 3.42 rear end I could find and bam problem solved an I right or am I missing something thanks for any info guys. And also if that doesn't work is there any other common rear end that would be a bolt in swap thanks ahead of time guys
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    I'm 100% sure that the housing will not fit from an A-body. If you find a B-body 8.2, gears and posi are what you could use from an A-body.
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    Contact Jim at www.JDRace.com or here...user name is Monzaz...I am sure
    Chevy had/has a rear that will be a bolt-in and parts are so much cheaper for them.
    Jim can tell you the best solution.

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