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    COMPTA Well-Known Member


    Has anyone used the new Factory Tach with the factory metal back from the Parts place??

    Reviews would be appreciated.

    Thanks Juan
  2. TXGS

    TXGS Paint by numbers 70 GS 455 4spd

  3. Randy Lutz

    Randy Lutz Well-Known Member

    I installed one last year. Fits like a dream. The factory bulb sockets fit perfectly. As the innards are new technology, the needle sweeps around to the end and then back to zero on start-up, just like some new cars, so don't be alarmed. There is no white halo effect as found on the plastic case tachs.

    It does not come with any instructions, so after inquiring with the Parts Place, they provided the following:
    Unfortunately, most parts do not include instructions. It uses the factory
    harness. Typically the metal housing has to be grounded, the S terminal goes
    to the coil and the + goes to 12 volts. S=signal from coil, + is 12 volt
    positive and the metal housing gets grounded.
    Thank you"

    I verified the accuracy of mine be comparing the rpm reading with the reading on my Snap-On dwell meter rpm setting and they matched.

    Overall installation took less than 30 minutes.

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  4. 87GN_70GS

    87GN_70GS Well-Known Member

    I have repaired/calibrated a couple of the new metal backed units. Much better than the previous plastic/fiberglass housing ones.
  5. 70 GMuscle

    70 GMuscle Plan B

    Will it fit the early pointy lens cars?
    Will it work w a car that never had a tach?
    Lastly, work w msd?
    Thank you.
  6. 87GN_70GS

    87GN_70GS Well-Known Member

    Yes to the first 2. Yes if the MSD has a dedicated tach output
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  7. Moring

    Moring Well-Known Member

    Here's one of the new tachs—a pointed lens version—just installed. No complaints yet.

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  8. 70 GMuscle

    70 GMuscle Plan B

    That looks amazing.
    Like brand new.
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  9. 87GN_70GS

    87GN_70GS Well-Known Member

    Is it just me or does the spacing between the numbers on the repo tach look a little larger than stock?
  10. Moring

    Moring Well-Known Member

    Being a font nut myself, that's the overlooked variation with these repro tachs: yeah, they offer them with flat or pointed lenses, but they also should've made them with what's called the early "large font" version too. It would never happen, I know, due to the extra work for what is likely a niche audience of 70 Buick owners. But the type snob in me does notice the small difference between the speedo & tach when they're so close to one another.

    Still, better than installing another manufacturer's tach in that spot which would look nothing like factory.
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  11. 70 GMuscle

    70 GMuscle Plan B

    Thanks for all the great info. I will seriously consider this when I get back working on my car.
  12. COMPTA

    COMPTA Well-Known Member

    Hello all,

    I can report that i purchased and installed one of these new repo tachs. I am happy to report that the unit is very nice. Works well and no Halo effect of the previous versions.
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  13. Dragdoc

    Dragdoc Well-Known Member

    Curious to know if these (or stock) handle rpms over 6,000. Reason I ask is my motor is capable of more than 6,000 - car will have all stock interior for the sleeper look but have hidden MSD triggered LEDs as a shift light. So while Im not going by the tach to indicate my shift point, I dont really want to break it going past 6k.
  14. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    My early '70 Stage 1 4-sp. has a repro tach (bought the car that way) - I agree with you - Will drive me nuts. I'll either find an early orig. tach (likely) or put a Rallye clock in as that's how it was originally equipped (? - I always assume in those cases on 4-sp. cars that the intent was to install a Sun Tach on the column on day 2).
  15. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    They need to change something,so it is NOT an exact duplicate. The font is it.
  16. tubecatgs

    tubecatgs Finally a 4 speed......

    I bought a repro about 4 years ago. For starters the printing of numbers was crooked and took 2 months to get a replacement from the Parts Place. When I got the new one, upon starting it always swings to the limit and back sometimes more than once. For a while now over the last 6 months it was intermittent to sometimes the tach works and sometimes it doesn't... then about 2 weeks ago it stopped working altogether... bottom line it looks good, but mine must have been a dud..... or at least didn't last more than a few years...

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