1970 OEM Buick Skylark/GS Brochures

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  1. Paul Stewart

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    Here are three brochures/manuals that would have come with your brand new 1970 Skylark, GS or Sportwagon! The first is the Owners Manual, second is the sales brochure with all models for 1970 and lastly is the accessory pamphlet! The are all in impecable condition and they have most likely only been opened a few times! A little yellow due to age, but the are All Original and not reprints! You won't find nicer examples than these. $100.00 Shipped.

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    Inline. Conversation on the way.
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    Sale Pending..........
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    I love the baby/child car seats.

    They wouldn't even come anywhere near close to regulation these days.
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    Still better than holding them in your lap riding shotgun.
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    Thanks Frank!
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