1970 Plymouth Road Runner Super Bird BARN FIND

Discussion in 'Ebay Parts and Cars' started by Lon Bauer, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. Lon Bauer

    Lon Bauer Well-Known Member

  2. ilikebmx999

    ilikebmx999 Well-Known Member

    That’s one hell of a find.
  3. 1972Mach1

    1972Mach1 Just some guy.....

    Yeah, I read about it this morning. Super cool story!
  4. My3Buicks

    My3Buicks Buick Guru

    Wonder if the white one was covered since it appears spotless, it's white letter tires also appear brighter than the blue ones? Not sure I would classify this as a barn find, lots of cars are in storage and collections that haven't been seen in decades. Regardless, putting the two garage doors up would have been a spectacular moment
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  5. mrolds69

    mrolds69 "The Cure"

    I would have to know this guy, because he's like 10 miles from my house. It's a great story, and i kind of believe most of it. That's like a half million in cars he bought within a few weeks. I would just about stake my life the Blue car has more than 27K miles on it, though. The shifter handle, the pedal pads, and the underneath and underhood don't look like a 27K mile car should, even one from ME.
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  6. Paul Stewart

    Paul Stewart Well-Known Member

    Exactly, the shifter handle and clutch/brake pads ALONE screams 100K + and the original steering wheel would have given that away too IF it was still present...................... I smell a ..................
  7. BYoung

    BYoung Stage me

    As a kid, I delivered newspapers in 1972 and one of my stops was a Plymouth dealer. More than one new '70 Superbird cars were still on the lot for sale. They couldn't get rid of 'em. Now they're going for huge money.
  8. rogbo

    rogbo Gold Level Contributor

    "Fast with No Class" :eek:
    Typical butt ugly Mopar!
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  9. Golden Oldie 65

    Golden Oldie 65 Well-Known Member

    Great story for sure but I wouldn't exactly call that a barn find, nor would I call that garage they were stored in a barn. I think that term is extremely overused these days.
  10. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    "Barn find" invokes images of a car that was forgotten about for decades. No one forgot they had those
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  11. My3Buicks

    My3Buicks Buick Guru

    I have said it before, and owning and dealing with enough ultra low mileage cars, it doesn’t guarantee a car is going to be some show peice. Looking at the door panels the driver seat area that get beat up especially if a car has 127,000 miles on it, I don’t buy it’s flipped. That would be 8000 miles a year for 16 years before it was put away, that’s before the average American drove anywhere near that kind of mileage yearly and a car like this isn’t the type of car that typically would be driven that much. Everybody always look at the brake pedals, I have personally seen brake pedals on sub 10,000 mile cars that were worn through to the metal pedal. Why anyone would store a car with the windows down which obviously it was, is beyond my comprehension.
  12. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    My old '70 GSX sat on the dealer's lot until August, '70 - Just as the '71's we're hitting.
  13. 66electrafied

    66electrafied Just tossing in my nickel's worth

    To anyone actually looking at these cars, I would go over each of them with a magnifying glass. There's something not quite right here; they could be original, who knows, you can't tell from a picture. You have to go there and look at it in person. Now the other million dollar question; why advertise on eBay? Wouldn't a potentially high dollar car with a supposed provenance go immediately to a big-dollar auction or get snapped up by a private collector?
    Caveat Emptor, - big time!
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  14. mrolds69

    mrolds69 "The Cure"

    I definitely don't think it has 127k, but clearly it's got more than 27K unless the mice were shifting it for 10 or 15 years. I've seen and judged lots of low mile cars and survivors, too.
  15. 1970 STAGE 1

    1970 STAGE 1 Well-Known Member

    There is no way I am taking any body's word a 100k car runs . They would have to get it running and well at that price.
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  16. JR Wills

    JR Wills Well-Known Member

    As for miles, I can't say 1 way or another. I Can tell that the car was Rode Hard & put away Wet!.
    1) Body repairs can be seen in the pix looking from below as can overspray, that was Not "Factory."
    2) The Nose on the Blue car has also been replaced or repaired. No Black panels (Only way they came) & the "Bumper stripe" is also missing.
    Colors look different on the 2 Blue cars side by side as well. Interesting that the Trunk Lock is attached to the keys rather than mounted as well.
    I worked @ Bob Eddy's Austintown Chry./Ply. after HS Grad. They had a Hemi Orange 440 4spd. Superbird, that spent more time in the Impound & Body Shop than on the New Car Lot or Showroom, due to Vandalism. (Wheels Stolen, numerous times, Run into a Fence behind the Service Dept., etc.)
    Finally took Wing & Scoops off fenders to try & sell it in 71.
    I don't know what ever happened to it, as it "went away" after I did.
  17. 69 GS 400

    69 GS 400 Well-Known Member

    Boils down to buyer beware. There is a lot of money to be made by flipping these cars and they know the Dodge / Plymouth guys will pay it. Seen a 70 Hemi Cuda go for $ 270,000. Yeah it was a one owner car and yeah he did park it in his barn in the 70's and yeah some dude paid that with original rust. How much is original rust worth ?
  18. 66electrafied

    66electrafied Just tossing in my nickel's worth

    ...they know inexperienced new collectors with a lot of money burning holes in their pockets with egos to match will buy these things. These are "bragging" cars; what better way for some recently retired well off newbie to the collecting field to instantly get street cred and roll with the big dogs.
    The only problem is, as always, a fool and his money are soon parted, someone is going to be made to look like an idiot on these cars.
  19. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    I'd rather see a wealthy guy lose some big bucks than a guy whose struggling lose a 10 spot.
  20. chiefsb30

    chiefsb30 Well-Known Member

    Yeah something feels off about that. Neat cars. Butt ugly, but neat to see two of them sitting there.

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