1971-72 Skylark Underdash Wiring Harness w/ Fusebox -Real GM

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    1972 Skylark Underdash Wiring Harness w/ Fusebox -Real GM
    1971-72 complete un-weathered, uncut under dash harness with fusebox and all connectors. From a 72 48,000 mile 350 AC car. This should work for AC or not AC applications. And work for the 71 model year. $125 plus shipping from CT.
    203-272-7103 after 5pm or weekends-or email ros6872@hotmail.com
    I have lots of excellent 70-72 Skylark parts--what do you need?
    Also have many good GM harness sections from other 68-72 Skylarks--Headlight, dash, intermediate, trunk and taillightharnesses---please inquire

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