1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Air Condition/Heater Control Board

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by SkylarkGuyNC, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. SkylarkGuyNC

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    Hey guys,

    I know this is a Buick forum but y’all have been so helpful with me and my skylark I was hoping you could help out my brother. He has a ‘77 Cutlass Supreme and is in need of a A/C control board. Do you know where he may be able to find one?
  2. Rocket Racer

    Rocket Racer Well-Known Member

    I have numerous Olds parts; not quite sure what you're referring to. Thanks, Bob.
  3. SkylarkGuyNC

    SkylarkGuyNC Active Member

    Ok he said the slider that goes from left to right to select heat or air isn’t working but his mechanic told him that it’s something behind the knob/slider that is broken. So I guess he needs to buy the whole A/C control that’s goes in the dash and not take it a part.
  4. newmexguy

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    There is a '77 Cutlass at local yard - but it has been sitting in sun for fifteen plus years. I would frankly seek one out from the Midwest or from a car that was protected somewhat from sun and ozone. '77 was first year they went to more plastic in the dash controllers for certain GM cars, from what I've heard. You could also try www.g3gm.com. The bronze car was a U Pull It car - long gone, but had a lot of good parts. Very hard to sell those third gen parts so never bought anything off it.

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  5. Rocket Racer

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    I believe that I have one. Once this storm passes I'll check my stash. Thanks, Bob.
  6. Rocket Racer

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  7. steve covington

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  8. 455monte

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    In case your brothers interested i have a console and t grip shifter and rally pack gauges for that car also.
    We Had a 76 cutlass years ago but never swapped over the parts

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