1985 Buick Lesabre Limited Buick 455

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  1. Stg1Regal

    Stg1Regal Yep Traction Issues!:)

    My version of a Bad ASss ride..85 Buick Lesabre Limited Collectors Edition.
    Already up graded the suspension, 96 Impala SS springs, in all 4 corners, Bilstein Shocks in al 4 corners, 9C1 cop car front and rear sway bars.
    Pst Polygraphite frontend, new Moog steering components, UMI steel tirerod sleeves, Grand National Close Ratio Power Steering box,
    Pro-Touring-Fbody.com front swaybar mount stiffener for a 2nd Gen Fbody designed for a B Body.
    Out Back ..UMI rear Trailing Arms, Dick Miller Racing triangulation Bars.
    Waiting in the wings a 94 Roadmaster sedan's rearend 8.5" with 3.73 gears, a BRF code 86 Grand National 200r4 O.D. transmission and my recently aquired "72" Buick 455.... headers, TA Performance 413 Cam , Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock 800 cfm carb, and 2.5" pipes goin to Flowmaster super 44swith turn downs at the rear axle
    . gonna be fun when done!!!!
    85 lesabre 72 455 5.jpg 85 lesabre 72 455 1.jpg 85 lesabre 72 455.jpg
  2. rdirks

    rdirks Well-Known Member

    I dig it. I've had it in my mind to make a BBB sleeper out of my '85 coupe for a while now. Be curious to know how the motor fits when you get that far......

    Good luck
  3. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    I like that a lot! (Not a fan of ‘elderbock copperaters’ but otherwise, awesomeness!)
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  4. rdirks

    rdirks Well-Known Member

    Curious to know if you got the 455 in and what you needed to do to go from the 307 Olds mounts to the BBB?

  5. 66electrafied

    66electrafied Just tossing in my nickel's worth

    I'd be interested to know how that 455 fit too...is there even enough room?
    I'd love to be able to stuff in a BBB into a late 90s Roadmaster...and then "modernize" it with fuel injection and variable timing on electronic ignition, it would be interesting to see what it would do once "maximized" like the 3800 was.
    So this thread has me interested; an 80s vintage Park Avenue would also be a consideration, and might be easier to build.
  6. Stg1Regal

    Stg1Regal Yep Traction Issues!:)

    Rdirks ,66electrafied

    Have not got the 455 in the Lesabre yet..
    Its on my engine stand .....
    Been trying to start it...
    Was converted to HEI when it was in the parts car....but they never got it started..
    Just picked a new coil and module and cap.
    Gonna keep trying the rest of the week.
    Ready to hear it roar to life..
    Nothing special, just a stone stock "72" 455.
    If your intrested I do have a kind of a Guideline to installing a Buick 455 in a 80s B or G Body , same process applies to both.
  7. 66electrafied

    66electrafied Just tossing in my nickel's worth

    Interested in seeing the pictures and the parts required to fit one in; - Does the saddle allow for a 455 or does that have to be modified too? I suppose drilling in new mounts isn't that much of a challenge, provided the motor lines up right and isn't up too high or crooked.
    Looks like an interesting project, and as I said, I'm toying with the idea of modding out a mid-nineties Roadie with a 455...I'd love to modernize one and maximize it.
  8. rdirks

    rdirks Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update. I would love to see any kind of guideline you would be willing to share. Would like to make this my winter project

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