200-4R Lockup Kit Installation

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  1. wovenweb

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    Was installing the TCI 376600 universal lock-up kit last night and ran into a couple issues. Any help would be appreciated.

    In the first picture near the cad plated piece in the center is a switch. This switch was wired in when the case was opened. With the TCI kit it is bypassed. What is it and is ignoring it the right thing to do?

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  2. 455monte

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    I used the b and m lock up kit. I did bypass the lil silver canister also. Even tho i dont think the instructions said to. I was chasing another problem at the time and was eliminating any potential interference.
    My kit permanently grounds the lock up solenoid and controls the power externally with a little box that uses speedometer cable rpm signal to turn on power to the solenoid.
    Im not sure how the tci kit is wired but mine works without the little canister
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  3. wovenweb

    wovenweb Platinum Level Contributor

    The case connector on my transmission only has two terminals/prongs. It looks like I might need a 3 prong. I'm not seeing them available anywhere. This is the part that couples the inner and outer harness together. I’m going to do Option 3 in TCI’s instructions.
  4. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    I cant understand why u would need a 3 prong connector?
    The solenoid only operates on 2 wires and i dont remember there being any other connections in mine.
    Mines an 86 or 87 so could possibly be different than an earlier year maybe?
  5. jaye

    jaye Well-Known Member

    You can get the connector from Advance Auto parts; you need two wires as mentioned above, one power, one ground mine is grounded from the inside and I'm only using 1 wire to ignition switch. However, I wire a toggle switch between so I could choose when to turn the lock-up off/on. My internal kit was done by transdepot.
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  6. TexasT

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  7. knucklebusted

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    I have the TCI kit installed in my trans. I didn't do it. One of the few things I paid for since I was gun-shy about the setup. There are only two wires going to the plug in mine. It has one 12v power cable and one ground. The 12V runs in but it only grounds in 4th gear. With a TA212 cam and 2500 converter, it is difficult to get the vacuum switch adjusted correctly.

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