200r4 in 67 Skylark

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  1. Quick Buick

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    How does that work in a 67 with the factory 2SP columns?

    Right now a th 400 is in the car.. I only get park R N D 2 .......No low=1st gear.

    What gears would I get with the 200r4 P R N OD D only?
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  2. TexasT

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    To get more you need the different detent setup.
  3. 455monte

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    I put a 200 4r in my 67 gs with stock column.
    I have all 4 fwd gears working on the column as welll as rev park and neutral.
    Down below where the rod comes down from the shifter there is an adjustment sleeve with a bolt/set screw in it.
    U have to flip that over and slightly bend the rod from the top.
    Its trial and error and only requires a small bend. But it will work perfect when done
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  4. Quick Buick

    Quick Buick Arlington Wa

    Awesome Thank you. Ill work on that. My neighbor and I thought we could adjust the 400 to work.
    200 thats where we were hesitant.
    I also a GV OD in a truck that Im selling... ebay me a 400 adapter.
    Got all the parts for the truck to put back to stock. then it would be just DL work.

    Thanks again.
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  5. TexasT

    TexasT Texas, where are you from

    That is some GOOD info right there. I will look at mine and see what I can accomplish.

    BRUCE ROE Well-Known Member

    Here is the shaft I modified for a trans type change. Note the new arm is at a
    different angle, different radius, and different spacing out. Taking this off you
    can run the trans through all positions, then see that your linkage in place does
    the same. My rule of thumb is, in drive the arm should be at right angle to the
    rod from the column. Then moving the column lever should cover the trans
    positions. If the trans is not covering the range, the arm needs to have a longer
    or shorter radius, limited at one end or the other, change the angle. I actually
    clamped a new arm on with vise grip and adjusted it until this was achieved,
    then welded. Bruce Roe

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    Chris -could you post a pic?

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