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  1. mltdwn12

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    A guy stopped over this weekend with a 70 Jeep pick up, I forget what they were called. Good shape, not a bad looking truck. It came with a 350 Buick in it. Tight fit, but it's there! His water pump failed and took out his radiator and fan shroud. He wanted to know if I could fix the shroud. Anyway was the 350 the biggest engine they put in the Jeep?
  2. BBBB64lark

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    The Jeep "J" series truck, referred to then as the "Gladiator" was originally introduced with just 6 cylinder engines I believe in '63. The first V8's used in Jeep trucks was a Rambler 327 introduced in '65 through '67/'68. It was replaced with the Buick 350 for a few years, '69-'71 and then replaced with the AMC 360 which was the standard option V8 until the full size Jeep truck stopped production in the late 80's. I remember hearing some Wagoneers had special option builds that used the AMC 401, but I cannot personally confirm that. I had a few '66/'67 J series trucks with Rambler 327's and converted one to Buick 455 power using parts from a '69 350 truck. They are fun old trucks.
  3. sean Buick 76

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    I would swap in an electric fan from a Lincoln mark 5... Too bad about the rad though.
  4. N360LL

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    The largest engine in a Jeep truck from the Full-sized Jeep family; i.e. J-series truck, Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, Military versions was the AMC 401. The 401 was introduced as an option in 1974 and continued thru 1978 officially. There is an occasional rumor that some 1979 model year vehicles have 401's in them but...

    The 401 was backed up by a TH400 with an adapter plate in most if not all cases from Jeep. The AMC/Jeep version TF727 transmission took the place or the TH400 and is the following years.

    The AMC V-8 family and the Buick NON-NAILHEAD V-8 family share a lot of similarities in design architecture and I assume that is/was for two reasons. First, AMC would have lower engineering R&D costs; and second, it could be shared with the Jeep and Rambler lines as well.

    There are several members on the board who have 455 powered Jeep Wagoneers and J-trucks.
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  5. maze

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    I have a 72 buick 350 motor, and Im lookin at a jeep comanche 4x4... is it at all possible to mate the two..?
  6. Paintworks

    Paintworks GS Restorations

    I've got one in my '67 M715!

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  7. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Platinum Level Contributor

    Cool truck and looks like lots of room to work under the hood!
  8. urbancowboy0307

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    I think someone has squeezed a Viper V-10 into a jeep wrangler, not exactly a factory option however......
  9. New SBB

    New SBB That HURT

    I plan to install my 350 Buick into my '51 Willys panel truck. When I got it there was a 327 Chevy in it, and it had a good amount of room.
  10. Briz

    Briz Platinum Level Contributor

    I've got a 79 J 10 truck with the 258 IL6 in it. 4 spped w/Granny gear. I haven't touched it since I brought the Riv home. lately been toying with the idea of dropping the 350 from the lark or the 430 from the Riv in there. Just not sure how to mount it to the trans and transfer case.
  11. Macjeeper

    Macjeeper MAC

    I've seen a 455v8 mounted to a TH400 in a '78 J-Series years ago, fortunately he had the OLD's V8 in it.

    It was painted with flag colors red, white and blue.
    Sorry never got a picture.

    PS: I do have a 455v8 Buick on the side yard to install someday into my 1968 M-715,
    when ever I decide to move in that direction to get it running.
  12. dvkramer

    dvkramer Member

    Nice truck, paintworks. I have a spare set of Toyo tires but not sure if it would fit.
  13. newmexguy

    newmexguy Well-Known Member

    There is still a 69 Wagoneer in the U Pull It I frequent. It has a 2V Buick 350. Anyone know if everything on it - including oil pan and front accessory brackets is the same as the 68 - 72 Skylark? These pictures are fairly old - the carb, air cleaner and ps pump are gone, as all of the front brightwork on the wagoneer.

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  14. partsrparts

    partsrparts Silver Level contributor

    I've got 2 350 2v engines out of 1971 Jeep trucks, they appear to be the same as the 1968 350 4v that I have out of a LeSabre.
  15. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    Steve, If I had to guess, being that AMC had very limited $, they didn't change the frame from the '69-71 w/ Buick 350's and some parts from one of those trucks incl., if yours is an auto, the TH400/adapter plate, transfer case & driveshafts. Those trucks came with, IIRC, Dana 30 front/Dana 44 rear so if the '76 had them too, the rest is probably m/l a bolt in deal.
  16. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    Nice - Both of mine had the the original 6 cyl. & everyone puts Chev. 350's in them, but really a Buick 350 makes more sense. I hope to get another one someday. I see you even have heat!
    I thought they were the same as the export 350 (lower compression) but I could be wrong.
    There you go @Briz - that should have everything you need!
  17. Briz

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    I never did anything with that truck and one day i realized that I probably never would so I listed her on Feebay and sold it for 2500.00 and got paid to deliver her up to the Atlanta area.
  18. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    Funny - I didn't realize your post was from 2012...lol. Hate when that happens:).
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