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Discussion in 'Chassis restoration' started by Moring, Dec 13, 2018.

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    I'm already planning my spring work on a new 1970 Skylark & needed some advice... gotta keep the enthusiasm high on this project. I think the attached pic shows all the areas in question:

    1. What is the name of the skirt that drapes in the red circled area? I'd like to order one but my brain isn't coming up with the proper keyword to look for in searches. (I assume they're reproduced, that is.)
    2. This is the first Buick that I've actually seen those two spots circled in yellow actually open & exposed to the gas tank... I thought these circles were just a quirk of the mold... what's their purpose? And are there plugs of some sort to fill them?
    3. When it's warmer, I'd like to follow the board's advice & repaint this trunk with AC Delco 10-7012 Black Trunk Splatter. Are there proper prep steps to address the surface rust you'd recommend?
    4. Regarding the trunk cover that's been shoved up in the pic, what's the consensus on these? I thought it was generally considered a bad idea to keep something like this in the trunk which might trap water between it and the floor. (This car will live outside since I don't have a garage, if that sways your advice.) If I kept it, this is an original but it's pretty well stained... are these at all cleanable or would a repro be advised?
    For a bonus question 5, anyone recognize what Skylark this floor mat came from? Someone clever thought they could put the set of 4 in this ‘70 and no one would notice they didn't fit....

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    There are oval shaped plugs for those holes. The small oval ridge in middle faces up. They were there in case you killed a deer and trunk got filled with blood and you wanted to wash out trunk you just could wash it out or if you were a mobster and had a body in there you could do the same. They are glued in with body sealer. Clean all the rust and then paint with a rust sealer before spatter paint. If car is left outside then yes don’t use the rubber mat. Get some kind of breathable fabric to protect it. No idea what skirt you are talking about?
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    Is this a convertible? If so what you are looking for us a top well liner. Otherwise nothing drapes in there.

    I have never seen holes back there. They need to be filled. I can’t tell on my phone but they may be standard plugs.

    I would wire brush and remove all surface rust and use a good primer before spatter paint.

    If you stop water entry from everywhere you should be fine with a trunk mat. Reproductions are fine.

    No idea on the floor mat.
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    Consider a rust encapsulator after you wire brush the metal. Get the loose stuff out and then seal it. Eastwood, POR15 and others have good products for that. Follow directions on the can.
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    Be careful with that advice. They all absolutely have those holes. You better look closer. There are three holes if I remember in the trunk. One of his plugs is in place. I can see it in the middle. They sealed them then painted right over them.
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