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  1. 455jeepster

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    Hey guys. I have a 68' 430-4 sitting here and I want to drop it in a jeepster. I'm trying to find some basic info on what I can fo to it before I drop her in. Timing chain? Oil pump rebuild? Ect

    can I run a TA413 in a stock 430. Sit says I need rockers with a 1.6 ratio I thought a 430 head had a 1.61 ratio. Will that work?

    I'm a Buick newbie so all advise will be appreciated. I will Also be running aluminum intake and LT header for weight loss

    thanks for the help
  2. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    It will be very tight to fit that 430 in there... I saw a pic of a 350 in a jeepster and that was really tight.
  3. 455jeepster

    455jeepster Member

    It was easy install. Pulled the v6 and installed the 430 in about 4 hours by myself. Didn't even pull the front clip. Looks like she was made for a big block. Not knowing much about the 430. What's recommended for cooling. I have about 24x20x5 to work with. Need to go electric due to the fact I will have this truck in deep mud and water. Looks like a Taurus fan pulled 2600 cfm. Cheap and will fit, but do I need a 4 core. Looks like I can get a duel pass 2 core off eBay for cheap and the correct size. Will that be enough? I will assume 430's need alot of cooling, but any info would be appreciated

  4. 6769RIV

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    Most people on here seem to like aluminum running pure distilled water with Water Wetter or a like product and as little anti-freeze as needed to prevent freezing over in the winter. Naturally there is some debate about running anti-freeze to prevent boil over, but in doing so lowering the heat transfer properties of the water-anti-freeze mix vs pure water.

    My stock '67 Riv's copper radiator fin surface is 29x19x3.5 with 3-rows, which is just adequate for relatively mild San Diego summer on a full size car. This one's going on me, and needs replacement as it is starting to overheat and I don't even run the AC. It may be that back in the 60's, with high test gas and more advance you could get away with a radiator like this but most Riv and full size owners I've met long ago went to 4-rows or aluminum.

    By comparison in my '69 Riv running a TA 284-88H, the radiator is the same size in height and width, but about 1/2" thicker in a Champion 4-row aluminum. IMO this is a comfortable level of overkill, as it seldom gets up to 180*F even idling in stop-and-go traffic, albeit in dry weather under 80F ambient conditions.

    Depending on your intended driving conditions, you can't really go wrong with the biggest aluminum you can find to fit in there.
  5. chelvis

    chelvis Member

    I am looking to drop a 430 into my '84 J-10, good to hear you had room in the Jeepster. :)

    What tranny are you running, auto or manual? I am looking to put a T18 in mine. Also, how'd you do with motor mounts?

    Thanks in advance,

  6. 455jeepster

    455jeepster Member

    I'm running a th400 to a Dana 20. Motor mounts almost dropped in. The 430 has 4 bolt holes. I move the mounts back to the rear 2 holes the separated the v6 mounts from the two piece rubber part. I just kept the part that mounts to the frame arm. I welded a 4" piece of Dom to that. Now the factory 430 mount has a seat to sit in. Just slide the bolt thru both mounts and then make sure your engine is where you want and go back in and weld up the lower mount. I strapped steel plate all around it and braced everything. Just make sure you seperate the mount from the 430 mount so you don't melt the rubber

    motor sits a little high. But that's the way I wanted it for clearance

    It will all make sence when you get the motor in. Headers are going to be the biggest problem. I still haven't figured that out yet. Something custom. But if I have to make custom headers I am going to twin turbo it.

    So that's what I did.
  7. chelvis

    chelvis Member

    Thanks, much appreciated.

  8. 455jeepster

    455jeepster Member

    big problem.........the flexplate is rubbing adapter for gm th400. Help!
  9. 455nglide

    455nglide Working On A Dream

    Sit says I need rockers with a 1.6 ratio I thought a 430 head had a 1.61 ratio. Will that work?

    Sounds like a great project and should be a blast once its up and running. By the way; do the 430 heads have 1.61 ratio?



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