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  1. hey guys , I have a 76 regal, picking up a BBB for it in a few weeks, wondering if anybody knows somebody that would be good for doing a rebuild on it anywhere near the Milwaukee area. Thanks
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    My only bit of advice in your search is make sure the vendor knows how to build Buicks. If you take it to a Chevy guy and they are not familiar with the peculiarities of the Buick engine, you will be unhappy with their work.
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    Is Green Bay close enough??
  5. Yeah I’m in the Hartford area, Green Bay only hour in half from me
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    I used Precision Engine and Machine in Sleepy Hollow Illinois. Pretty close to the IL/Wi border.
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    I'm in Hartford, Wi also. George at Motor Master just south of town did a 455 for me last year and it is a beast. It wasn't cheap, but it was well worth it. He dynos everything before it goes out the door as insurance for him and the buyer. Mine came in at 473HP and 531TQ. It's a tire shredder.
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    Contact GRNDNL on this site. He lives in that general area. Has a beautiful all iron car making some great power.

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    George and Cheri at Motor Masters are great, they did the Turbo V6 in my GN and a few Chevy motors for me, they're south of Hartford on 83.

    Rick at Precision Engine and Machine refreshed and updated the 455 in Mandys GS, all cast iron, stock appearing, pump gas and runs high 11's low 12's in a 4000 lbs car for the last 10 years.

    I'd trust either one and of coarse Jim at Trishield.
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