50th Anniversary GSX T-Shirts Pre-Sale

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by gsxnut, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. nitrousfish

    nitrousfish Dave Fisher

    I’m in for a men’s xl
  2. gsxnut

    gsxnut Well-Known Member

    One week left to order.

  3. Apollo White X

    Apollo White X 1970 Apollo X # 199 Auto Non Stage

    Take 1 XL thanks
  4. Red Skylark

    Red Skylark Well-Known Member

    Sent a PM
  5. G. Avery

    G. Avery Well-Known Member

    One XL please.
  6. gsxnut

    gsxnut Well-Known Member

    Four days left to order. I only plan to make one order for shirts so if you want one now is the time.

  7. gsxnut

    gsxnut Well-Known Member

    For all asking about 5XL, Tall etc. I did find a source. The T- are still 100% cotton crew neck black. They would be digitally printed instead of screen printed due to the low number of shirts and the cost to me is $31.00. I guessing with shipping to you would be $40.00. I am willing to get them produced and sent to you if you are willing to pay the upcharge for the specialty and except they are digitally printed.

    This is the best I have found so far.

  8. gsxnut

    gsxnut Well-Known Member

    Please have all orders in by tomorrow Sunday Oct 18th, 2020.

  9. ‘71 GS455

    ‘71 GS455 Member

    PM sent.

    Regards, Roy
  10. Eric

    Eric Founders Club Member

    I would like...
    1 each X-Large
    1 each Large
    PM sent
    Thanks, Eric
  11. BUICK/3

    BUICK/3 Well-Known Member

    I'll order 2 size large please.

    PM sent.

  12. wovenweb

    wovenweb Platinum Level Contributor

    PM sent for 1 XL.
  13. gsxnut

    gsxnut Well-Known Member


    I have just placed the order for the shirts. The T-shirt company indicated it typically takes them three weeks to produce shirts when it is a new design so I am guessing I will have the shirts and have them ready to ship in 3-4 weeks. Once I have them I will be reaching out it each person that ordered to get a mailing address and payment.


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  14. OHC JOE

    OHC JOE Mullet Mafia since 2020

    Good luck with that crazy mission
    Thanks again
    Have a good day
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  15. 446370

    446370 Well-Known Member

    Can I still order?
  16. johnnylark

    johnnylark Well-Known Member

    Is it too late? If not im in for an XL.
  17. gsxnut

    gsxnut Well-Known Member


    Sincere apologies. I talked to the T-shirt company today and I had misunderstood if I added youth or women's type shirts I would need to have a minimum of 72 or each kind. I had 4 youth and 10 women's so I am not going to be able to offer these shirts. I have found outsourcing in small quantities is also very expensive so I am not going to be able to provide youth or women's shirts. I apologize for the mistake. I did order a few spares for those that may want to change their order to something available.

  18. gsxnut

    gsxnut Well-Known Member

    I did order a few extras so should have something. PM what you need.
  19. gsxnut

    gsxnut Well-Known Member

    I did order a few extras and should be able to get your order in.

  20. nitrousfish

    nitrousfish Dave Fisher

    Do I need to prepay?

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