52 Buick steering column question

Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by suntreemcanic, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. suntreemcanic

    suntreemcanic Well-Known Member

    Can I use my 52 steering column that controlled a Dynaflow to control a turbo 400? Has anyone tried this?
  2. rmstg2

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    Turbo 400 PRNDL2L1 Dynaflow PNDLR
  3. suntreemcanic

    suntreemcanic Well-Known Member

    The range movement of the column is 5 inches and total range movement of the turbo 400 is 4 1/2 inches. The turbo 400 has the detents in the transmission. The dynaflow drive, low and reverse detents are at the low end of the steering column and Park and Neutral detents are at the top of the column near the shifter lever. I have modified a column from a parts car, but I need the services of a machinist to finish this and this virus thing has limited my access to one. I am hoping to be able to use the two existing detents at the top of the column for park and reverse, these require moving the shift lever rearward and using the turbo 400 transmission detents neutral, L2 and L1. I have shortened the column by about 7 inches, I have a bushing made that will keep the steering shaft supported an the low end but the steering shaft is 13/16 inch diameter and all u-joints are for 3/4 or less so I need to turn the shaft to 3/4 inch and then I will mill it to 3/4 inch DD so a u-joint will fit. I am pretty sure this will work. The only clue something is different will be shift indicator. And who looks at them! Any way those are my plans.
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