65 Riv - TH400 - kickdown solenoid operation - DET pressure?!?!

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  1. moran75

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    Hi all

    Re my 65 Riv - TH400

    Just for my own education...

    I've attached a couple of pics of my kickdown solenoid/gasket and of the valve body it attaches to within transmission...

    If i'm correct, when the solenoid is 'activated' it creates what i believe is called 'DET pressure' which acts on the 1 2 valve up in the valve body, thus kicking down?

    How does the DET pressure get created?!

    Re the little hole on underside of the solenoid as per first pic - is this closed when solenoid is activated, and resulting vacuum or change of pressure - DET pressure - acts on the 1 2 vale? Or is a component missing and something else happens?

    Thanks in advance

    Kevin (London, England)

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  2. LARRY70GS

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  3. moran75

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    aha! thats brilliant - 1000 thanks

    so the solenoid activates, and releases line pressure from the passage and the 1 2 vale does it thang...

    thanks again


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