67 wildcat 4 dr hardtop parts car needed!

Discussion in 'Cars wanted' started by ozamecnik, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. ozamecnik

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    I have a 67 wildcat 4 door hardtop custom that i recently picked up for $900, so far i love it, its solid, straight, runs like a dream, and is in pretty good shape for the price. But what concerns me is the majority of the parts i need are the ones only a 4 door hardtop have and i cant find these parts anywhere. What i am looking for is the plastic shells that cover the door pillars, the door panels, some decent seats bucket or bench, and some trim here and there. If ANYBODY OUT THERE has any info on where i can find a parts 67 wildcat 4 door HARDTOP, or these parts i would love to know, thanks. And i am working with a $330 bi-weekly paycheck, this doesnt mean i cant afford a parts car, but please do not message me that you have 2 little pieces of plastic and you want $200 just to pull them out, that aint gonna fly. Somebody please work with me here!
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    Hi, you need to call me. I parted a 4 door 67 last year. The parts u ask for are probably gone already but there is a ton of little stuff that u may need. Make a list and don't worry about cost, I do not intend on retiring on the money. Thx Vito 480 241 5180
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    I remember reading that you paid US$ 950 for it, just a few days ago.... :Do No:

    Anyway: "ozamecnik":


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