68-72 Buick Skylark GS Power Bench Seat Setup--Nice GM

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    68 69 70 71 72 Buick Skylark GS Power Bench Seat Setup--Nice GM Option

    Factory option-- complete and very clean 4- way (forward back up down) setup with tracks, all wiring, cables, relay, motor, transmission, switch with mounting bracket, plastic side skirts. Tested--works smoothly in all positions. The tracks will bolt up to your existing bench seat and the main orange power lead is already in your intermediate wiring harness from the factory under your seat. $400 plus shipping from CT 06410 . Call or text 203-651-9990 or email ros6872@hotmail.com . Or PM.

    I have lots of nice 68-72 parts-- please contact me with needs--


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    that would be fun to install,
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    Going to pass on this.. Thank you!

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