69 Buick skylark Convertible in Moreno valley Scam offer up deal

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by CARHEX1, May 17, 2018.

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    last night I was on that new site offer up. I hate it mostly emails and text no actually talking to the guy.
    I seen a 69 skylark convertible for 4000. I figured I'd reply. I offered 3000. the guys says ok lets meet up. he text me the address to a tow yard. I figured ok cool. I get there a tow driver tells me its sold. I was a little mad but seen other cars in the lot that looked good. a 70 chevelle 4 door a 66 chevelle 4 door. The tow driver says none are for sale. funny thing is I seen a craiglist add for the same cars. tow driver was a total not nice guy. lol I was out 45 bucks in gas and time. I was talking to another guy that worked there and he said last week they had a guy from Sacramento which is over 400 miles drive out and they did the same thing. I dislike shady people. had to share with you guys. do you have any bad car deals?
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    Could be worse Carhex. They had to presume you had $3k in cash on you and with no concealed carry out there I was reading this and afraid it was going to end much worse.
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    I have a few friends with CCW's sometimes I can talk them into coming with me. but yeah
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