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Discussion in 'The Bench' started by 1bad225, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Hello. It's been a while since I posted, life has kept myself and my family busy. I lost my mom to cancer a couple years ago, and now my dad is failing fast. I also have a little grand daughter now. In a nutshell, I've come to realize that it may be time to part with my Buick. I really have no idea what it may be worth, as prices seem to be all over the place. Just wondering what you guys think, all opinions welcome, no worries. The car is a 69 Electra 225 4 door sedan, in the original Verde green, with the green cloth interior. It's got 131,000 original miles, but the engine was completely rebuilt about 25,000 miles ago by an old school Buick tech. I am the second owner, my grandfather bought this car brand new in Waterville Me. in early 1970 (I have the original bill of sale), and I got it from him in 1984. It has been painted once, back in the early 90's, the original color. I've replaced the vinyl top, added dual exhaust, put some Keystone double wire basket chrome wheels on it, and I have replaced many, many parts over the years. Most recently, I had the radiator all re-cored ($600), and I replaced the gas tank with a nice original one that I found on this site. The car will go with a bunch of spare parts off from another 69 Electra, including a dent free front bumper, a complete driver's door, the original steel wheels, 8 original hub caps, a P/S pump, and a box of odd and ends. The car has been a great driver, and still looks and drives excellent. It is not rust free, even though it has not seen a Maine winter in 35 years. The main issue is that the rear part of the frame, from the axle back, is tender. It has been this way since I have owned it, and does not seem to effect the car at all. Please let me know what you think, and what a fair price would be for this car with the extra parts. Thanks so much for all that respond. Chris
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    Chris, it's always difficult to say without seeing the car in the flesh, maybe you should post some photos.
    Shots from the outside, the chrome, engine bay, interior, boot and the part of the chassis you are talking about [​IMG]

    It's a 4 doors sedan, most people will not pay top dollar for a car like that.
    Check your local and nationwide Craigslist for asking prices.
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    Chris . Its sad to say that Big Buicks don't have much value to many people . Except those of us that LOVE them . To me the 69 was the most beautiful design . . I won't post any price as you have to do some research like Facebook and Craigslist and see what they are going for .

    On another note . Go down to Big "G"'s and tell Jerry I'm still waiting for that Dagwood Sandwich . lol We went to the Skowhegan State Fair in this one . Electra 2 mountains 040.JPG
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    Thanks for the responses. I agree that most folks would rather have a GS or Riv. I will research prices and take a bunch of pics, and post on "cars for sale" within a few days with more info and my asking price. Hay, GSX455-4ever......NO Dagwoods at Big G's!! I will tell Gerry that you want to hook up with him. Did you see him when you went to the fair? Only 20 minutes down the road!
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    Jerry rode to the Fair with me in that Convertible . Some day I'm gonna get back to see him . Josh and Jenny probably have Kids by now .

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