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Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Mike Atwood, Oct 11, 2004.

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    0E0823D6-E10E-44F7-9A7E-C02C33F4E41B.jpeg 00C8B5A7-4304-4F0F-9C00-C6A6B04A16D8.jpeg E022DBC0-1201-4C99-998F-7F1822E2DB14.jpeg CE7D2B8D-878F-4929-B13E-33398489A22D.jpeg 66F40895-8D81-49E9-B281-5BA19D3DECC2.jpeg EA4ACE0A-A2B4-43C7-BE6A-B30E7E0144A6.jpeg 0E0823D6-E10E-44F7-9A7E-C02C33F4E41B.jpeg 00C8B5A7-4304-4F0F-9C00-C6A6B04A16D8.jpeg E022DBC0-1201-4C99-998F-7F1822E2DB14.jpeg Just finishing up Dad/son (he is 15 now) project with my middle boy. Started 3 years ago with 72 GS 350, 455 stage 1 conversion. Frame on Driver car.
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    My 70 stage 1 turbo 400 bench seat colum shift 364 posi 455 040 kenne bell mk113 roller rockers seamist green factory 76,000 miles matching numbers
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    1967 Big Buick One day at a time.

    Just finished this 70 GS350 for a customer. Probably over 12 years in the making. Him in and out of jail for 8 of those years and then getting paid took some doing but happy to say he paid in full Saturday so this baby will be leaving today.

    It's painted Burnished Copper 1972 color.

    It's a nice daily driver. Sadly underside is a bit scaly. 20180827_083925.jpg
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    Why are there so few post cars ?
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    They didn't make any 70 through 72 GS post cars. Skylark, they did. I believe the Skylark custom were HT also.
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    Just don’t see very many skylark post cars..
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    HBD to you both!
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    here is a 1971 001.JPG
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  13. 70 GMuscle

    70 GMuscle Plan B

  14. 70 GMuscle

    70 GMuscle Plan B

    1970 GS350. Now 455 powered.
    Nice cruiser. In October 2015 at stock/super stock shootout watching some great racing and test n tuning myself. Went 12.40@108 that day. Drive to track and set tire pressures and loosen front stabilizer end links.
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    A more recent pic. Dusk GS Photo.jpg
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    278CE42D-4825-44D9-960C-4B6D5585D276.jpeg BE43B794-1C58-4366-B5CB-345CFC412E2C.jpeg C9C14FE5-2AAE-4C67-825D-EF31C140D81E.jpeg 8BD38F9A-0155-4E4C-A914-B31F0A337D65.jpeg 72 skylark, 3rd owner. Was all original when purchased in 2016. Since then, everything under the car has been replaced and upgraded including disc brakes on all corners. Just dropped in a built Buick 350. Planning on converting to a 5spd tremec soon.

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    Thanks man,
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    Bought this from greatscat in October. Got it out and wiped down the other day. Original paint is looking good.

    Finally received all of my interior parts from Legendary, so that will be done next

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