70-72 gas/license plate doors

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    31B82F26-BF85-4F99-B47D-F1CD8AA83D32.jpeg For anyone restoring a 70-72 Buick here is what I have found over the years. I have been going through things and I believe I have the three types that were used. Far left is 70 type. I guess it could have been used in earlier years? It is easily identified by the coat hangar triangle on it. It is galvanized color. Middle is early-mid 71. It was black in color and has a fold over lip on top to hold the plate. It has a space invader design on it. It was replaced sometime during 71 with the third type far right that is galvanized but has no lip on top but still has the space invader design. It carried over to 72. Hope this helps anyone find the correct plate. I believe this information to be true to the best of my knowledge. Any resemblance of this to any other parts is purely coincidental.
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