++ 71 Buick GS455 Stage 1 Tribute ++

Discussion in 'Cars for sale' started by ACLazer, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. 1970 STAGE 1

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    Yes , George built it . Dom was selling it. My point is that a car like this needs to be inspected before a purchase. Put on a lift and inspected before purchase by someone who knows this car , That is the only way to insure a less troubled purchase. All car owners are not mechanics and will not know about the majority of the problems that you encountered.
  2. thebuick

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    True, He got me, I took the wrong man for his word. Never again. BUT I HAVE A BEAST ON THE STREET NOW
  3. gsgtx

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    90 % of all sellers know more about the problems or condition then they tell you. some don't tell about major problems and some don't about minor problems.
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  4. jalopi42

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    we all put to much trust in what we desire , poor George saved a rust bucket and tried to keep the cost down apparently .. the car seems to be a great buy at 27k or ?? and many clues were there in the listing but face it we as buyers don't ask detailed questions on what we expect
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  5. thebuick

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    Yeah I did ask a lot of questions, the 10%er got me. but now l LOVE THIS CAR
  6. thebuick

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    UPDATE ON THE 71 GS , As the seller stated in the add ''blows cold A/C '' more ''BS '' compressor shaft seal was leaking so no way did it blow cold anything, also he had the WRONG Heater control valve connected, NO HEAT.. also the lower part of the radiator was 1'' solid blocked with who knows what crap ,3 leaks on it. SO new and improved Radiator Built and installed with new lines, new correct Heater control valve, New Compressor seal, and re-charged running clean and meaner. THANKS TO HARRY HEITIN RADIATOR IN WORCESTER MASS. Scott did a awesome job Next, the front sway bar and bushings, control arms ect and that is a wrap, let the FUN begin.

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