71 Buick Skylark

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    Bought it in Aug 0f 2016. 1971 Buick Skylark 350 2 barrel. Originally sandpiper beige with a brown vinyl top. Previous owner had changed the color. Was a decent driver when purchased. I have slowly added things that would make it mine. The last year and half I have has had some changes. Added a GS hood, sport mirrors, upgraded the interior from standard bench to the deluxe bench with all new Legendary covers, and had the car painted to replicate a GSX theme. I didn't really care about the swipe down the side so I didn't do that. Added the wheels about 2 years ago, they are 17" American Racing that mimic the Buick Ralleys rims. I am going to enjoy for awhile before I do a engine swap. I have a Buick 455 out of a 71 GS car that will eventually go between the rails. First pic is when I brought it home 2nd is this past weekend. Still not show quality but presents herself very well.

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  2. BrunoD

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    A real beauty,lots of luck with it,Bruno.
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    Nice looker!
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    What you did to the car made it look much better. Love the black stripes on the hood. Beautiful car!!!!!!
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