71 Skylark/GS convertible frame

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    This frame is from a 1971 Buick GS convertible. Solid and Straight. Welds in Cowel area near body mounts, Osphoed and POR-15 painted. Painting Process included using rods that applied the paint inside the frame rails as well as the outside. $1800 sarasota Florida. Will consider offers. Please contact the owner, Alan Gutridge at 941-350-2518 DB03FBB1-5A53-443E-953E-8EE5378D386E.jpeg 6EC84371-A51B-4ADB-9A5F-D3099E5ACBC1.jpeg F613B98C-61C1-4D76-988D-4CFCA9A62978.jpeg F23D0BA8-A6FE-48E1-988C-27B45934DD01.jpeg 363DA231-F650-4E75-8038-6802F0C29FFA.jpeg B8A679D8-88D9-4454-A70F-A2BFAF0AB442.jpeg 7CE762BE-7A2C-464A-B964-1AACB5C51EB9.jpeg 8D063E89-56BC-43F8-9378-95B311D4F25D.jpeg

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