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Discussion in 'Pro-Touring' started by OC72, Jan 2, 2016.

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    Hello! I am new to the forum and loving every minute of it!! But need some help! i have a 72 skylark 350 4bbl i recently purchased. Extremely clean car with only 83,000 original miles. My plan is the take this car into the pro touring direction. Im installing a CPP Stage 4 pro touring kit in the upcoming weeks. Im starting this thread because im having trouble deciding what tire and rim sizes i should go. I like the American Racing VNCL Classic Torq Thrust 2 in mag grey. I need at least a 17 inch wheel to clear the 13inch rotors in the front and 12's in the back. For tires I like the Michelin Super sports as well as the GoodYear Eagle F1's. Im looking to get the best possible performance i can BUT i also really want that mean staggered look. What are your thoughts? Also what offset/backspacing will i need?

    Also, For my rear end i know i have a 10 bolt 8 1/2 28 spline peg leg. What should i do to improve its performance and get rid of that peg leg? New third member and axles? any suggestions?

  2. OC72

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    Here are some pictures

    IMG_0635.jpg IMG_0619 (1).jpg IMG_0618 (1).jpg IMG_0608.jpg
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    Many a GT500 Shelby has been wrecked using those factory installed FI hockey pucks Goodyear calls tires. I ditched those F1s on my spouses 14 Shelby at about 600 miles before they caused a serious accident and installed Michelin PSS tires. There was an amazing improvement. Do a search and see how may opinions think the F1s are a good track tire for road courses when warmed up, but do not put them on the public roads when the temps are down. They also have poor traction from a dead stop. Some F1s have cracked and were rendered unusable from simply being exposed to cold temps during shipment by rail from the Ford Michigan plant to dealers.


    "It should be illegal to make tires this bad. There is NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THESE TIRES. They are in my opinion actually quite dangerous, terrible traction, and if it starts raining park the car immediately. Just Junk!!! REmove ASAP"

    "What a pile of crap. Horrible tire for the money and absolutely no traction even when up to temp. What was GoodYear thinking when they designed this tire? Came stock on my 2012 300 SRT8 and cannot get them off fast enough. I've driven on Chinese tires for under $100 that performed better than these so called "Ultra High Performance" tires. DO NOT BUY!!!"

    "Terrible Tires that came originally with the car. Stay away if you value your life in wet weather. The tires also wear down within 20,000 miles in normal driving."


    Having said this the PSS tire is not without criticism for a wiggle wobble at high speed on both Vettes and Shelbys.

    PSS tires in some sizes are in short supply and are not even scheduled for another run by Michelin.


    Nitto has just released a new similar high performance tire that appears to be the replacement for their 555 series.


  4. OC72

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    Good to know! Im perfectly happy choosing the Super Sports. My dad runs super sports on his 68 Gto. 245/40/18 and 275/40/18.

    trying to do the same on my skylark but im having trouble finding supersports in some sizes :/
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    OC, wheels and tires are really going to wake your car up. Look forward to seeing the progress!
  6. OC72

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    Tank you!! Big plans in the works! will share
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    Better read the threads on the PSS death wobble which Michelin will not even allow to be posted on their own site. I am suspicious they are doing a redesign because so many PSS sizes are no longer in production.
  8. OC72

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    What tires are you running on your GS? what size?
  9. flynbuick

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    It is just for show so it has reproduction G60 15 Goodyear Polyglass tires. Those are expensive antiquated tires made just like the factory originals. If you ever drove on a set, you would think something is wrong with your suspension.

    If I were doing a car like yours I would be looking at the Toyo R888 tires like I ran on a 64 Sport Fury or the new Nitto 555 G2s.
  10. afracer

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    There are a few different versions of Goodyear Eagle F1. The F1 GS D3 is a great tire...awesome wet and dry grip! But the Michelin Pilot Sport is amazing too.
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  11. flynbuick

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    These are the F1 Goodyear ultra high performance tires rated for 200 mph.

    They get about the worst ratings you can get:

  12. afracer

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  13. Darron72Skylark

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    I recently replaced the wheel/tire package on my 72 Skylark, so I know exactly the thought process you are going through.
    I chose a 17x8 wheel for all 4 corners to keep things simple. US Mags Bandit because it is reminiscent of Buick Rallye wheels.
    For tires, I wanted to match the original wheel/tire diameter as closely as possible for both visual reasons and speedometer accuracy.
    Researching tire sizes, I found that matching the stock diameter was trickier than expected, and there were not as many choices in a good tire as I hoped.
    I ended up selecting BF Goodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 tires from BF Goodrich in the 235/55R17 size. They look much better than the 205/70R14 tires that the car came with, without looking odd or oversized for an old car. Performance-wise, they are a very nice tire so far, but I've had good luck with BFG in the past on other cars, especially my SVT Focus.

    I'm not planning on a super radical Pro Touring build, but the overall plan includes front disc brake conversion, a suspension kit, upgrading from the 3 speed manual to either a 4 speed Muncie or possibly a 5 speed (why not dream big?).
    Current configuration has a 4 barrel Edelbrock, a floor shift conversion for the 3 speed Saginaw, TA Stage 1 intake and 2.5" dual exhaust. Lots more work to do, but having fun the whole way!

    IMG_2153 - Copy.jpg

  14. Phil

    Phil It really *is* a 350...

    I used a Powertrax 1920-LR for in my rear end. I have a few hundred miles on it. It took a little time to get used to the clicking in tight corners but it doesn't bother me anymore. :)

  15. Phil

    Phil It really *is* a 350...

    Sumitomo HTR Z II P275/40ZR17 all four corners. Mounted them on 2000 Camaro SS 10-spoke wheels. Tire Rack has them for $92.25 a piece.
  16. racenu

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    I put 255/40 on front and 295/35 rear , 18" U.S. Mags. Car is lowered 2" . Pics can be seen on website: "hotrods by dean" gord

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