Anyone have a 70-72 Radio Delete plate I can borrow/buy??

Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by 71ConvtSkylark, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. 71ConvtSkylark

    71ConvtSkylark Well-Known Member

    Hi all, I want to re-make these as a part for the Buick community. They will be really easy for me, and cost effective. It will also be a nice mounting for aftermarket CD players etc. I just need one to make the mold from. If you want to sell it, let me know, if you want to loan it, you will get several of the new pieces back when I return your core.


    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    Did anyone answer this one for you?? I have one I bought now I dont want I would rather sell it if I can.
  3. 71ConvtSkylark

    71ConvtSkylark Well-Known Member

    Hi Mike, no, noone answered it. I could kick myself as I had a perfect one about a year ago, and sold it for $60. Was happy at the time, but that was before I got into this mold stuff. I wonder if there is a market for them if I was too produce them? I want a littel more practice at a two piece mold before I attempt the 71 GS grill again. Got it really close last time. But I lost the backing.... grrrrr..... How much do you want for it?


    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    sent you a PM
  5. 8587GN

    8587GN Well-Known Member

    If you make one,I would be interested in in
  6. 8587GN

    8587GN Well-Known Member

    The one on Ebay just sold for $167.50 :confused: . I think there is a small market for one of these
  7. jpoole

    jpoole Stage 1

    Jon, I would be interested in a plate to mount a aftermarket radio. You could also get Greg Setter to do a wood grain to go on it. That would look nice.

    Thanks, Jeff
  8. MikeM

    MikeM Mississippi Buicks

    If they're available I'll think twice about an expensive orig am/fm that will sound bad anyway. The alternatives are very attractive.
  9. 71ConvtSkylark

    71ConvtSkylark Well-Known Member

    As soon as I get my hands on a delete plate, I will have these made in about a week. Waiting on a possible location of a delete plate. The woodgrain sounds cool!

  10. gs4u2c

    gs4u2c Is that a 442?

    I'm sure you could sell quite a few, if for no other reason than for guys to cut for use with a modern cd deck. They should bring an easy $40-50, maybe more.
  11. 71ConvtSkylark

    71ConvtSkylark Well-Known Member

    I found one! Ok, someone was kind enough to loan me the part, so all I have to do is pick it up and mold it. It wont be long, as this will be a quick mold/pour.

    I will probably price them at $50.

  12. jjaguars84

    jjaguars84 Spammer

    Jon have you made any of these delete plates? If so, could I get some pics? Very interested!
  13. 71ConvtSkylark

    71ConvtSkylark Well-Known Member

    That was 7 years ago...... Long gone. Someone else is popping them on ebay now.

    Thsnks, Jon
  14. jjaguars84

    jjaguars84 Spammer

    hahahah! Shows you how desperate I am to get one for my Electra. Have had NO luck whatsoever! :ball:
  15. Greg Setter

    Greg Setter The Woodgrain Guy

    No problem on the woodgrain - in fact, i probably have "scrap" from the Riv kit runs that would work. Get me some dimensions and we'll figure out something.

  16. sheeba

    sheeba Stage 1 Performance

    Did anybody make one yet

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    Yes. There is a seller on eBay that offers them. They are unpainted so you will still need to do a little work. I do not know anyone that has purchased one so I don’t know about the quality of the reproduction. Also, ‘68-‘72 are all the same shape but the ‘68-‘69 are smooth whereas the ‘70-‘72 has the pebble texture (like the dash cluster under the wood grain area), and it’s not clear what style is used for this reproduction.

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  18. Tom Nesser

    Tom Nesser Well-Known Member

    This is an old thread but if someone still needs a radio delete I have one that is nos and may (if u can find it) have a nice used one. TN
  19. crouchmtrsports

    crouchmtrsports crouchmtrsports

    Tom, I'am interested in the used one if you find it.
  20. Tom Nesser

    Tom Nesser Well-Known Member

    Ok, now I’ve got a mission! ... find it. PM me and I’ll keep you posted. Tom

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