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    Ight , so I've gotten a few guys pm me requesting steps and procedures for certain body related projects. So in an attempt to maybe help those and others the following is a good bit of info that I will add too over the next few days or so.

    Rust repair:
    1.only remove as much metal as necessary. Both the patch,ground location and the area around the patch must be CLEAN metal, backside too.
    2. If the repair runs relatively close to a body line or edge push the cut lines to about .250 to .750 from the edges. This will cut down on warping due the strength being greater in that area.
    3. Spend time fitting the patch you want a 1/16th to a 1/8in gap to fill with the wire. I generally make the patch a little oversize and then cut thru both panels with the 1/16in cutoff wheel. This gives the perfect gap for .023 wire 1/8in gap is good for .030 wire.
    4.Turn the heat up you want the Weld to lay flat and grab the inside edge if the cut. You want to "spot" weld the seams, just aim for the gap and hit it, wait for it go from brite Orange to almost brown "looking thru the helmet" before hitting the next spot. You should clip the wire anytime the wire cools, ie after the 4 consecutive hits. This allows the first hit to be clean and flat same with puddle welds especially. Use a small flatblade screwdriver to keep the gap level, this is EXTREMELY important. Tack the perimeter in multiple places. This doesn't guarantee it will hold the edges level you still will need to pay close attention that.
    5. Do no more than 4 hits before moving to another area of the patch. Keep an air blower close and as soon as you finish 4 hits , cool it down with the air. DO NOT SPRAY WITH WATER OR USE A DAMP CLOTH
    6. Hammer and dolly the seam flat as you go, grind with a fresh 24 or 36 grit grinder, do not heat the metal.
    7. For puddle welds start on the outside edge and burn around the edges as you approach where you started push the puddle into the center a pull out, a spiral motion if you will. For a successful puddle weld the two or 3 panels MUST be FLAT and tight against each other ie clamped. Also if you have multiple layers your burning together let the wire burn the bottom layer then work the puddle up to the top, then allow to cool a little and then spiral it out, if you try to do multiple layers without that quick cool down the puddle will fall out the back.

    Will add more tomorrow eventually ending in buffing
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    Heck yeah thanks for this post!!!
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    Thanks Hugger. This should be made into a sticky.
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