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  1. 1972Mach1

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    Want one so bad......

    1957 Buick Caballero 4dr Hardtop Estate Wagon - $52500 (Glendale)
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    63rd drive near Greenway
    (google map)

    1957 Buick century wagon

    fuel: gas
    title status: clean
    transmission: automatic

    1957 Buick Hard top wagon, 1970 455 engine, 350 hp, 400 turbo automatic, 4 wheel disc brakes, Power steering and power disc brakes, professionally installed 1980 Z28 front suspension, Lincoln Versalles 9 inch rear with 3/4 ton van parallel leaf springs, open drive shaft, 2014 Cadillac leather seats with console, torque thrust wheels 15 inch, 7's in front 10's in back. Tilt steering column and factory power windows. New plating on bumpers and polished and straightened all stainless. Receiver trailer hitch. You can tow a good sized trailer without a problem.

    This car is an Arizona car. It has NEVER HAD ANY RUST OR COLLISION DAMAGE. PERIOD! All the sheet is clean, unpatched and straight just as it came from the factory

    The car needs to be finished. The door windows have not been installed and the interior has not been finished (carpet, door panels, headliner etc). I have all the metal garnish moldings and trim as well as the windshield stainless trim.

    It runs and drives beautifully and never overheats in fact, it feels like a much smaller car.

    I've had this car for over 25 years and it never got finished. It has the potential to be worth 2 or 3 times what I'm asking. A restored one just sold at auction for $132,000. I'll bet it didn't run and drive like this one.

    Please, no text messages. Calls or email only. Thanks, Jim 602 38 69111
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  2. Quick Buick

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    I tried and tried to get one from Harold Lemay years ago..
  3. 66electrafied

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    The Caballero was a 2 door, not the 4 door wagon. This thing is also a 3 holer, ie. Special. The Caballeros were all Centurys.
  4. My3Buicks

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    The Caballero was indeed a 4 door in the Century series, Buick did not build a 2 door wagon. And yes, this one appears to be a Special Estate. Technically Iona Body built them, not Buick
  5. 1972Mach1

    1972Mach1 Just some guy.....

    This may not be a real Caballero because this car looks like a Special, but Caballeros are indeed 4 doors. This ain't no Nomad!
  6. 66electrafied

    66electrafied Just tossing in my nickel's worth

    Thanks for clearing it up.
    Apologies for the mistake.
  7. 1957buickjim

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    The car is indeed a 1957 Special Riviera Estate Wagon, Model 49D. 6819 were built, less volume than the 1957 Caballero (Century Estate Riviera Wagon - 10,432). However, since it is not original, not sure that the asking price is right (seems quite high for a restomod that's not complete). Looks like he's trying to get his investment out of it, with all the modifications he did (engine, trans, rear-end, interior, paint job (not original colors). His comparison at $132,000 is from one in 2006 that was signed by former President Bush 2 so not really a good comparison. The major issues are if he's had it 25 years, why isn't it finished? Window installation on the hardtop wagon is almost nightmarish, as they have 4 degrees of freedom when trying to align and adjust them. Headliner panels are also a rough installation as well as making door panels and hoping he has all the components for the interior. As a final note, the Estate Wagon emblem is not on the tailgate as well.

    Hopefully he gets what he wants for it, as it will be good for another data point in 1957 Buick wagon sales, but if you are looking to have a 1957 Buick wagon that is more original, I would keep looking on, IMHO.
  8. lancemb

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    It's a pretty polarizing color too. I wouldn't consider it, ifvin the market, without factoring in cost of repaint.

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