Canadian Contingent: 1967 GS 400, 1972 GS 350 and 1976 Regal Sport Coupe

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    Hi all,

    This past Saturday, my wife, Geri, and I made the short trip from Squamish to Whistler to visit Johnny (JohnnyGS.) It was a trip for both pleasure and business. Johnny had picked up a pair of old outboard motors and I expressed interest in the 1966 Mercury 6 h.p. motor he got. The Merc appeared to be in good condition for its age and came with the fuel tank, the original owner's manual and large repair manual. We settled on a fair price and it will need a new water pump impeller and drain and refill of gearcase oil, at the very least. When I got home on the same day, I hooked it up to my own fuel tank - with fresh fuel in it - and I got it running without much fuss, within a very short time.


    I, also, took advantage of the trip up to Johnny's to see the new interior install on his 1967 GS 400 convertible and to look over his 1972 GS 350 convertible, which I hadn't seen in person. Nice job on the interior and as a bonus, Johnny offered his '72 GS for a test drive. I immediately took him up on his offer and Geri and I took it for short spin around the neighbourhood. Lots of admiring stares from local folks, including a pleasant wave from a 80's Corvette owner we passed by.


    I'm thinking Johhny's GS convertible would make a complimentary tow vehicle for my 1969 California Sidewinder boat. I have a few things to sell, first, before making that decision.

    1969 California Sidewinder.jpg

    Here are a few pictures I took of the three cars lined up with my 1976 Regal Sport Coupe and Johnny's two GSs:


    It was a fun day spent with Johnny and we did try to follow distancing protocol during this COVID-19 pandemic. Hope to get together again, perhaps, even for a cruise.

    Nando & Geri
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    hey nando.
    yup that was fun to see you guys from a far ( 6 ft ). glad the motor worked out for you. i had no use for it. Some great shots you took.
    sorry i never took out the 69 gs 400 for a group shot but she was sleeping. we can get all of them together later this summer if you come back up.
    i think i should bring the 72 gs down and hook it up to the boat, that would look Bitchin. almost the same color... thanks bud
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    Super cool lineup. Nice share. Great post.
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