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Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by Paul L., Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Paul L.

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    My first post - I find this site invaluable. Thanks for the all the helpful tips.

    I recently inherited a 68 Buick GS400 from my father-in-law (original owner). The car will be garage kept, but I would like to keep it covered. My 2-car garage is tight, so I need something to that provides some protection against dings. Two buddies that own classic cars both recommended California Covers, but their on-line reviews are inconsistent.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hi Paul and welcome. If you do a forum search there have been at least a couple recent threads on covers that may provide some good insight for you.
  3. telriv

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    Car bags are also an option.
  4. BYoung

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  5. Paul L.

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    Helpful thread, thanks.

    I'll post pics when she comes back from the body shop. Had to deal with some rust issues, and decided to paint the entire car - same original color.
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    Hey Paul- I have the same situation... I use a Car Capsule for my '68 GS California. It's been great- easy to use, almost no maintenance, and good protection! I've considered upgrading to Showcase, but am limited by space. If I can find a decent pic of my Buick in the 'bubble' (as my kids call it), I'll post it.
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    Not a great pic, but you get the idea...

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    Protected from coronavirus.

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    We have purchased many covers from California Car Covers and have been more than pleased with all of them.

    Are they the cheapest? nope.
    Best cover made? Probably not.

    But I've always been happy with all of them. All of the covers I have bought from them have fit well. I've never bought one of their outdoor covers but for indoor storage I've bought several of the "Dustop Soft As Flannel Indoor Custom Car Cover" and they are relatively thick and do provide a little resistance to accidental bumps (of course no cover will provide much protection against impact). Their description says "...Dustop has better bulk to provide added protection against nicks and dings."

    I'm happy enough that I ordered another one today. They have a coupon right now "Thanks20" that knocks $20 off orders of $200 or more until the end of the month.

    Just my experience.
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