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Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by MSvensson, Jan 5, 2017.

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    My first post on this forum!
    I am interesting in buying an Regal 1973 2 door 350+350. I am in Sweden and the car was sold here 1973. There is only 3 of these cars model 1973 still in swedish register!! The 350 motor works fine and the tranny needs a rebuild (hard to get into reverse cold) but the body is in pretty rough state, rust!! The vinyl roof is gone since long and now the trims that was sorrunding it are gone. What is needed is the chrome trims both rear and front window. Around the "church" window and also the trims rear at the body where the vinyl top ends if there is any? Hard to se on pictures on the internet. Maybe there is a picture that shows all the trim parts? How hard is it to find these parts in the us? Where to look? Are there any good sites to find parts? I have fixed so I have an US postadress so that is not a problem.The original steering wheel is gone also, need that one to or at least a Buick(black) one from that era.

    Very glad if someone could help me out since finding parts in europe is very very hard. I have found a lot on internet and ebay but not the trims. Please help. I really like this car.

    Regards from Sweden, Magnus Svensson

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